Spine runtime for Haxe 3. Based on current AS3/libgdx runtimes.
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In true Haxe spirit, @jeremyfa has created a cool system to keep the Spine runtimes up to date automatically: https://github.com/jeremyfa/spine-hx

You should check it out! (If you prefer spinehaxe, using import spine.* instead of import spinehaxe.* will keep your code compatible with both.)

Build Status

This is an attempt to build a current Haxe runtime for Spine. It is based on great work by the authors of spinehx as well as the official Spine runtimes for AS3 and libgdx.

Versioning and Spine Compatibility

The major/minor version of spinehaxe correspond to the most recent version of Spine that spinehaxe has been updated for; the patch version is separately increased by one for each spinehaxe release.


This library contains runtime support and does not depend on any other library. Additional renderer libraries are used to integrate Spine animations with a specific Haxe engine. Some of these include:

  • OpenFL (included in the spinehaxe.platform.openfl package)
  • HaxeFlixel: included in flixel-addons
  • HaxePunk: SpinePunk