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Hexo theme designed for use with my site
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Hexo theme designed for use with my site


This theme is designed to only reside in a /blog/ directory in my site. There are no page layouts or anything in this theme. This is a rough conversion of a pure html/css/js theme designed for my site for use for blogging with Hexo.


hexo init site
cd site
npm install
git clone themes/blackboard-theme
  1. delete themes/landscape
  2. change the value of theme in _config.yml to blackboard-theme
  3. configure themes/blackboard-theme/_config.yml
hexo clean
hexo generate
hexo serve

Site config

(the following items from the site's config file are used by this theme and should be set up)

  • title
  • url
  • root
  • permalink
  • date_format
  • theme

To do

  • clean up theme
  • make 'page' layout
  • integrate Google analytics
  • tweaks accent colors
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