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A batch file that copies files from one directory to another
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A batch file that copies files from one directory to another. Done with the help of Robocopy -



Just download copy-files.bat and double click to run.

Using git

git clone c:/directory

cd c:/directory



Open copy-files.bat with a text editor. Set dir1 equal to the path of the directory you'd like to copy. And dir2 to the directory you'd like to copy into.


Because I like sycing my files to my Google Drive, but the new File Sync app has a case sensitive file system. I like keeping my code for school in there, and my IDE didn't like the case-sensitive FS. But with this I can keep my code on my laptop's SSD then run this file and it'll copy & paste it to my drive when I'm ready to sync.

To Do

  • Make cross-platform
  • Write UI (Java Swing or Electron maybe, something cross-platform)
  • Run at a certain interval (once a day or something)
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