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A material-design theme for Hexo blogs
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A material design theme for use with Hexo sites.


  • Clean material design
  • Syntax highlighting for code blocks



1. First, create your Hexo site

Hexo website

$ hexo init MyBlog
$ cd MyBlog
$ npm install

2. Add theme to the site

Add either using git clone:

$ cd MyBlog
$ git clone themes/material-theme

3. Change config.yml

In your site's config file (/MyBlog/_config.yml), change the value of theme to material-theme.

4. Generate (and view) your site

Run hexo clean & hexo generate to generate your site. Then to preview it, run hexo serve to view your site @ http://localhost:4000.

Modifying theme

There are a number of ways to modify this theme.

  • Config: Modify /MyBlog/themes/material-theme/_config.yml
  • Feel free to delve into the code located in /material-theme/layout & /material-theme/source to make modifications to core theme elements

To Do

  • Add comments (most likely using Github issues)
  • 'File download' page layout
  • 'Projects page' page layout
  • Social media links
  • Rework 'share post' button
  • Clean up and document code
  • Add copy buttons for code blocks
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