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A simple, light-weight Hexo theme. Featuring syntax highlighting and mobile UI.
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A simple, light-weight Hexo theme. Featuring syntax highlighting for code samples, and a clean concise desktop and mobile view.


  • mobile-friendly
  • configurable css variables
  • syntax highlighting (Thanks to highlight.js)


First, set up your Hexo site like you normally would

Instructions here.

Now add this theme to your site

By running this command

cd c:/my_hexo_site

git clone themes/simple-theme

Set the theme

Open your site's _config.yml (NOT the theme's _config.yml). Change theme's value (by default it is landscape), to simple-theme). Delete the landscape theme folder.

Generate and view your site

Run the following Hexo commands:

hexo clean

hexo generate

hexo serve


View _config.yml and source/css/styles.css

Page types


hexo new post_name


hexo new page page_name


Add your Google Custom Search embed code in simple-theme/_config.yml under gsce_cx. To create:

hexo new page search

In the front-matter, add layout: search.


  • add comment system
  • download page layouts
  • update docs with front-matter options
  • Google Analytics
  • Favicon
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