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Proxyquire in Node and Proxyquireify in the browser with no code changes
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Browserify plugin that allows you to replace proxyquire with proxyquireify without code changes. If you only need to run your tests in a browser, just use proxyquireify directly. Make sure you're not using proxyquire features that don't have proxyquireify counterparts.


$ npm install --save-dev proxyquire-universal proxyquire proxyquireify

proxyquire-universal sets proxyquire and proxyquireify as peer dependencies so all three packages will be siblings in your node_modules folder. You have full control over which versions are used.


Write your tests for Node:

var proxyquire = require('proxyquire');
proxyquire('./a', stubs);

Then add the 'proxyquire-universal' plugin when you build your test bundle for the browser:


proxyquire-universal takes care of calling bundle.plugin(proxyquireify.plugin) automatically. You should not register proxyquireify manually.

Unsupported Proxyquire Features

proxyquireify has a very similar API to proxyquire and will be a perfect drop-in replacement for most use cases. However, there are certain proxyquire features that are not available in proxyquireify:

If you discover a case where proxyquire and proxyquireify behave differently, please open an issue with relevant code.


MIT © Ben Drucker

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