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Scripts for Adobe Photoshop
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This repo contains a few Photoshop scripts. They were designed for CS4 but I still use them in CC.

Super Export.jsx

Exports specially named layers to jpg, png, etc. For example, if you name a layer "Background.jpg", that layer will be saved as a jpg. Highlights include:

  • Name a layer or folder with an image extension (ie. png, jpg, etc) to have it exported
  • Include a path to save in a sub-directory. ie. assets/car.png would save in an assets folder
  • Prefix a layer with # to always hide it
  • Include @2x before the file extension (ie. car@2x.png) to save the current size for 2x and half size without 2x.
  • Cropping: create a layer named 'crop' inside your folder to have that image cropped to the cropping layer
  • Tagging: Use {0} in the filename like {0}-car.png to save different version. Within the folder, layers named like -red or -blue will be enabled and exported as blue-car.png and red-car.png.

For more info, checkout the Super Export Guide contributed by @bclubb.

NOTE: Photoshop CC introduced image assets which is similar but has less features. You can disable it in Edit > Preferences > Plug-Ins > Enable Generator > Disable.

Dynamic Script.jsx

A script that let's me run code within Photoshop to test it out. You won't find it too helpful unless you write scripts a lot.


Installing a script means dropping the script (*.jsx file) into Photoshop's scripts directory. For me, the path is:

MAC: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS4/Presets/Scripts

PC: c:\program files\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Presets\Scripts

Restart Photoshop and a new menu item will show up in File > Scripts > Super Export. Click it to run the script.

I made a keyboard shortcut [F5] to run it automatically, Here's how:

  1. Choose Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts...
  2. Highlight "Super Export" under File > Scripts
  3. Click under the 'Shortcut' column and type the [F5] key (or whatever you want)
  4. If there are conflicts, choose 'Accept & Continue', otherwise choose 'Accept'

ADVANCED USERS: You can also have scripts in subfolders of this directory, so if you're familiar with GIT, want all my scripts, and want easy access to updates you could clone: to /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS4/Presets/Scripts/BendyTree and whenever you want an update, just do a git pull from that directory. Photoshop gracefully ignores non .jsx files (like .gitignore and readme).

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