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/**Super Export.jsx by: Josh Wright company: Bendy Tree, LLC ( created: July 30, 2011 repo: This is a Photoshop script that lets you save parts of a PSD as separate,cropped files by carefully naming the Photoshop layers.For installation instructions or for other scripts by Bendy Tree, see: PROBLEM IT SOLVESWith software design I always have one large PSD that looks like a screenshot.Inside that PSD I'll have a logo, a page background, a navigation menu, buttonswith on/off states, etc.This lets me design everything in the context of the whole screen, but it'sannoyingly redundant to save each graphic out individually. Say I want to savethe logo out separately - I have to crop it, hide the background & some otherlayers, select "Save As...", find the format from a drop down, & type in thelogo's name.HOW IT WORKSI'm working on a new iPhone app with a music control bar. This bar has abackground, back button, play/pause button, and a next button (see image below).It appears simple, but it ends up being 13 separate images (26 if you countretina/non-retina).[img: StatusBarExplosion.jpg]It's a huge pain to export all these images out, but not when I use the "SuperExport" script. By following a few conventions when naming the Photoshop layers,I'm able to easily export all 13 images by pressing [F5] (& non-retina versionsif I wanted to).A BASIC EXAMPLEFirst let's check out the background for the control bar. I want to save outthe background of the whole control bar, so I name a folder (layer set)"ControlBar.png" and put all of the background layers inside that layer. WhenI run this script (by pressing F5), it sees that I named this layer like animage so it hides the other layers & saves this one as ControlBar.png.[img: BarExample.jpg]You may have noticed the 'crop' layer. For me, it's very common to crop theimage before I save a particular part. In this example, the control bar isthe full width of the iPhone app, but it is only part of the height so I needto crop it before saving it.So to make sure it's cropped, I create a layer called 'crop' and put it in my"ControlBar.png folder". Then I select a rectangle and fill it with any color(I like pink). You can hide it or change it's transparency to any value. Itypically hide it. If you don't include a 'crop' layer then the full size ofthe screen will be saved.A TAGGING EXAMPLEOccasionally you'll have buttons or menu items that have different states. Forexample, if they mouse over then the button lights up. Or maybe it has adisabled state.For example, my back button has 3 states: active, normal, and disabled. Theyshould all have some common elements like the shadow and the same crop sinceI'll swap them out on the app. Ultimately, I want three images to be saved:back_normal.png, back_active.png, and back_disabled.png.To achieve this, first I name the whole folder (layer set) "back_{0}.png".It looks cryptic, but it just means that I have tagged some layers that shouldbe swapped out for "{0}". In my case, I've tagged a layers "active", "normal",and "disabled".[img: BackExample.jpg]How do you tag a layer? Easy, you just add a dash after the layer name, thenwrite out the tags for that layer (comma separated).The script hides all tagged layers except "normal" and saves it as"back_normal.png". Then hides all tagged layers except "active" and saves itas "back_active.png". And so on.COMPLEX TAGGINGIt's very rare that you need complex tagging, but this script is like goldwhen you finally need it.My play/pause button is deceptively complicated. It can either look like apause button or a play button and each of those needs to have a normal, active,and disabled state. They all share the same crop and shadow, so it's veryannoying to have to re-save all those combinations.So here's how I name all the layers to make this happen automatically:[img: PPExample.jpg]The whole folder is named "{type}Button_{state}.png" because I have have twotypes of tags - a "type" (play or pause) and a "state" (normal, active, ordisabled). I want every combination of those to be saved.Tagging looks a bit uglier. Here's the format:"[Whatever You Want] - [Tag Type]:[Tag]"In my example, I have one folder for each of the states. Then you can seethat the "normal" state layer has a layer tagged as Pause, a layer tagged asPlay, and a BG (no tags). In other words, you can tag layers that are deepinto the tree structure.OTHER FEATURESThere are a few other nice features you might want to take advantage of. RETINAIf you're an iPhone developer, you know the annoyance of saving a retina version and a non-retina. This script takes the stance that you designfor @2x, then resize to the smaller version.To make this happen, just add @2x in your file name (the layer name) anda non @2x version is generated automatically.For example, you might name a layer "Background@2x.png" which would createtwo files: "Background@2x.png" and another one (half the size) that'scalled "Background.png".PREVIEW ONLYSometimes I'll have 'lorem ipsum' type text to help my imagination while I'mdesigning, but I don't want those layers to be shown when I save everything.Just add a "#" to the layer name, and this script will automatically hide it.FILE TYPESMy examples here were with PNGs, but JPG file types are supported as well.It'd be trivial to support more, but I haven't had the need yet. You caneven include a quality parameter for jpg (since it's lossy) by using:q:[Your Quality Here]Qualities can be stated in three ways:0.0 - 1.0: a decimal where 1 is full quality2 - 12: an integer where 12 is full quality (Photoshop's preferred way)13 - 100: an integer where 100 is full quality**/(function(){ var doc = app.activeDocument; app.preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS; app.preferences.typeUnits = TypeUnits.PIXELS; /********************************************************************************/ /******************************** UTILTIES **********************************/ String.prototype.trim = function(){ return this.replace(/^ */, "").replace(/ *$/, ""); } function keys(obj){ var keys = []; for(i in obj) if (obj.hasOwnProperty(i)) { keys.push(i); } return keys; }; function clone(obj){ if(obj == null || typeof(obj) != 'object') return obj; var temp = {}; // changed, obj.constructor() for(var key in obj) temp[key] = clone(obj[key]); return temp; } Array.prototype.indexOf = function(el) { for (var i = 0; i < this.length; i += 1) { if (this[i] == el) return i; } return -1; }; Array.prototype.lastIndexOf = function(el) { for (var i = this.length-1; i >= 0; i -= 1) { if (this[i] == el) return i; } return -1; }; Array.prototype.distinct = function() { var derivedArray = []; for (var i = 0; i < this.length; i += 1) { if (derivedArray.indexOf(this[i]) == -1) { derivedArray.push(this[i]) } } return derivedArray; }; Array.prototype.each = function(callback) { var derivedArray = []; for (var i = 0; i < this.length; i += 1) { derivedArray.push(callback(this[i], i)); } return derivedArray; }; /********************************************************************************/ /***************************** LAYER DATA & CACHING ***************************/ function convertLayerToData(layer){ var data = { layer: layer, isSet: layer.typename == "LayerSet", name:, startedVisible: layer.visible, tags: {}, hasTags: false, siblings: [], descendents: [], ancestors: [], children: [] }; // Get tags if("-") == 0){ var tags ="-")+1).trim().split(","); for(var i=0; i<tags.length; i++){ var t = tags[i].split(":"); if(t.length == 1){ t[1] = t[0].trim(); t[0] = "0"; }else{ t[0] = t[0].trim(); t[1] = t[1].trim(); } data.tags[t[0]] = t[1]; } =,"-")).trim(); data.hasTags = true; } // Split by Comma var sections =","); for(var i=0; i<sections.length; i++){ var section = sections[i].trim(); //No Colon, So Maybe A Filename if(section.indexOf(":") == -1){ var extension = section.match(/(jpg|png|gif)$/i); if(extension){ data.filename = section; data.extension = extension[0].toLowerCase(); } //Colon, So Split Into Key/Value }else{ var fieldParts = section.split(":"); data[fieldParts[0].trim().toLowerCase()] = fieldParts[1].trim(); } } data.isExportable = data.isSet && !!data.filename; return data; } var layerDatas = []; var buildAndRegisterLayerData = function(layer){ //create my data var data = convertLayerToData(layer); layerDatas.push(data); //add all descendents if(layer.layers && layer.layers.length > 0){ for(var i=0; i<layer.layers.length; i++){ //create data for the child var childData = buildAndRegisterLayerData(layer.layers[i]); //add this child data.children.push(childData); data.descendents.push(childData); //add this child's descendents childData.descendents.each(function(d){ data.descendents.push(d); }); } //set siblings data.children.each(function(c1){ data.children.each(function(c2){ if(c1 != c2) c1.siblings.push(c2); }); }); //add self as an ancestor data.descendents.each(function(d){ d.ancestors.push(data); }); } return data; }; buildAndRegisterLayerData(doc); var findDataForLayer = function(layer){ var data = null; layerDatas.each(function(l){ if(l.layer == layer) { data = l; return false; } }); return data; }; layerDatas.each(function(l){ var txt = + " => "; l.siblings.each(function(c){ txt += + ", "; }); //$.writeln(txt); }); //return; /********************************************************************************/ /********************************** REVERTING *********************************/ var selectedLayer = doc.activeLayer; var originalHistoryState = doc.activeHistoryState; var revert = function(){ doc.activeHistoryState = originalHistoryState; doc.activeLayer = selectedLayer; layerDatas.each(function(l){ if(l.startedVisible != l.layer.visible) l.layer.visible = l.startedVisible; }); } /********************************************************************************/ /****************************** HIDE HASHED LAYERS ****************************/ //Hide hashed layerDatas.each(function(l){ if("#") != -1 && l.layer.visible != false) l.layer.visible = false; }); /********************************************************************************/ /********************************* HELPERS ************************************/ var cropRx = /^ *crop/i; var runCroppingLayers = function(data){ data.children.each(function(c){ if(cropRx.test({ //hide it if(c.layer.visible != false) c.layer.visible = false; //crop it if(c.layer.bounds) doc.crop(c.layer.bounds); } }); } function hideSiblingsOfSelfAndOfParent(data){ var chain = [data]; data.ancestors.each(function(a){ chain.push(a); }); chain.each(function(a){ //show ancestors if(a.layer.visible != true) a.layer.visible = true; //hide ancestors siblings a.siblings.each(function(sib){ var setVisible = new RegExp(/^ *[*]/).test(; if(sib.layer.visible != setVisible) sib.layer.visible = setVisible; }); }); } function getExportOptions(layerInfo){ var options = new ExportOptionsSaveForWeb(); if(layerInfo.extension == "jpg"){ options.format = SaveDocumentType.JPEG; //-24 //JPEG, COMPUSERVEGIF, PNG-8, BMP //Quality if(layerInfo.q){ if(isNaN(parseFloat(layerInfo.q)) == false){ layerInfo.q = Math.max(Math.min(parseFloat(layerInfo.q), 100), 0); if(layerInfo.q<=1){ layerInfo.q = Math.round(layerInfo.q*100); } } } options.quality = layerInfo.q || 80; }else if(layerInfo.extension == "png"){ options.format = SaveDocumentType.PNG; //JPEG, COMPUSERVEGIF, PNG-8, BMP options.quality = 100; options.PNG8 = false; }else if(layerInfo.extension == "gif"){ options.format = SaveDocumentType.COMPUSERVEGIF; //JPEG, COMPUSERVEGIF, PNG-8, BMP options.matte = MatteType.NONE; options.transparency = true; } return options; } var getCurrentDocumentIndex = function(){ for(var i=0; i<app.documents.length; i++){ if(app.activeDocument == app.documents[i]) return i; } } var getPath = function(){ if(app.documents.length == 1 || !new RegExp(/TemporaryItems/).test(app.activeDocument.path)) return app.activeDocument.path; var newIndex = (getCurrentDocumentIndex()-1) % app.documents.length; return app.documents[newIndex].path; }; /********************************************************************************/ /******************************* LAYER EXPORT **********************************/ var exportLayer = function(data){ //crop runCroppingLayers(data); //Hide bad stuff hideSiblingsOfSelfAndOfParent(data); //Prepare saving function var save = function(filename){ //Save var filepath = getPath()+"/"+filename; var exportOptions = getExportOptions(data); doc.exportDocument(new File(filepath), ExportType.SAVEFORWEB, exportOptions); //Retina? if(data.filename.match(/@2x[.][a-z]+$/)){ var preResizeState = doc.activeHistoryState; try { doc.flatten(); }catch(e){} doc.resizeImage(doc.width/2, doc.height/2, doc.resolution, ResampleMethod.BICUBICSHARPER); var filepath = getPath()+"/"+filename.replace("@2x", ""); doc.exportDocument(new File(filepath), ExportType.SAVEFORWEB, exportOptions); doc.activeHistoryState = preResizeState; } }; //save once for each tagged layer inside this layerset if(new RegExp(/\{[^}]+\}/).test(data.filename)){ //gather all possible tags & tag values var allTags = {}; data.descendents.each(function(d){ var currentTags = keys(d.tags); for(var i=0; i<currentTags.length; i++){ var t = currentTags[i]; if(allTags[t]){ allTags[t] = allTags[t].concat([ d.tags[t] ]).distinct(); }else{ allTags[t] = [d.tags[t] ]; } } }); var allKeys = keys(allTags); //create a strategy for covering all tag combinations var allCombinations = []; var addTagSetToCombinations = function(tag, tagValues){ //no previous combos, so just add ours if(allCombinations.length == 0){ for(var i=0; i<tagValues.length; i++){ var combo = {}; combo[tag] = tagValues[i]; allCombinations.push(combo); } //explode our tag into previous combos }else{ var newCombos = []; for(var i=0; i<allCombinations.length; i++){ for(var j=0; j<tagValues.length; j++){ var newCombo = clone(allCombinations[i]); newCombo[tag] = tagValues[j]; newCombos.push(newCombo); } } allCombinations = newCombos; } }; //actually create the combinations allKeys.each(function(key){ addTagSetToCombinations(key, allTags[key]); }); //save each combo for(var i=0; i<allCombinations.length; i++){ var combo = allCombinations[i]; data.descendents.each(function(l){ if(!l.hasTags) return; var visible = true; keys(l.tags).each(function(key){ visible &= l.tags[key] == combo[key]; }); if(l.layer.visible != visible) l.layer.visible = visible; }); //create filename var filename = data.filename; allKeys.each(function(key){ filename = filename.replace("{"+key+"}", combo[key]); }); //save save(filename); } //save normally (no swapable layers) }else{ save(data.filename); } revert(); }; var prepGuiForExport = function(){ win.btnOne.enabled = false; win.btnExportAll.enabled = false; = false; = false; win.btnOne.visible = false; win.btnExportAll.visible = false; win.lblProgress.visible = true; }; var exportableLayers = []; layerDatas.each(function(l){ if(l.isExportable){ exportableLayers.push(l); } }); /********************************************************************************/ /********************************** MAIN **************************************/ //which layer to export? var activeLayerDataToExport = findDataForLayer(selectedLayer); if(activeLayerDataToExport && !activeLayerDataToExport.isExportable){ var newActiveLayerDataToExport = null; activeLayerDataToExport.ancestors.each(function(a){ if(a.isExportable){ newActiveLayerDataToExport = a; return false; } }); activeLayerDataToExport = newActiveLayerDataToExport; } if(activeLayerDataToExport && exportableLayers.length > 5) { // SHOW THE WINDOW var win = new Window("dialog{text:'Script Interface',bounds:[100,100,400,220],\ btnExportAll:Button{bounds:[20,20,140,70] , text:'Export All ' },\ btnOne:Button{bounds:[160,20,280,70] , text:'Export One ' },\ prog:Progressbar{bounds:[20,90,280,101] , value:0,maxvalue:100},\ lblProgress:StaticText{bounds:[20,40,280,70] , text:'Saving 10 Images... ' ,properties:{scrolling:true,multiline:true}}\ };"); win.lblProgress.visible = false; win.btnExportAll.text = "Export All ("+exportableLayers.length+")"; = true; win.btnExportAll.onClick = function(){ prepGuiForExport(); win.lblProgress.text = "Exporting All Images..."; exportableLayers.each(function(l, i){ win.prog.value = ((i+1)*100.0)/(exportableLayers.length+1); exportLayer(l); }); win.prog.value = 100; win.close(); }; win.btnOne.text =; win.btnOne.onClick = function(){ prepGuiForExport(); win.lblProgress.text = "Exporting ""..."; win.prog.value = 50; exportLayer(activeLayerDataToExport); win.close(); };;; } else { exportableLayers.each(function(l){ exportLayer(l); }); }})();
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