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Add a comment summarizing the current schema to the
bottom of each ActiveRecord model, Test File,
Exemplar, Fixture and Factory source file:
# == Schema Info
# Schema version: 20081001061831
# Table name: line_item
# id :integer(11) not null, primary key
# order_id :integer(11)
# product_id :integer(11) not null
# quantity :integer(11) not null
# unit_price :float
class LineItem < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :product
. . .
Note that this code will blow away the initial/final comment
block in your models if it looks like it was previously added
by annotate models, so you don't want to add additional text
to an automatically created comment block.
* * Back up your model files before using... * *
To annotate all your models:
rake db:annotate
To migrate & annotate:
rake db:update
Annotate on the head of the file:
rake db:annotate POSITION='top'
Include schema version:
rake db:annotate SHOW_SCHEMA_VERSION='true'
Set Options Permanently:
If using bash, you can put these lines in your .bashrc file to set more permanently:
export POSITION='top'
Original code by:
Dave Thomas
Pragmatic Programmers, LLC
Refactored, improved by
Alexander Semyonov (
Marcos Piccinini (
Stephen Anderson (
Released under the same license as Ruby. No Support. No Warranty.