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Commits on Oct 22, 2009
  1. chown -R /usr/local may break mysql.

    Bradley Grzesiak and Nick Karpenske authored bendyworks committed
  2. Merge remote branch 'mxcl/master'

    Bradley Grzesiak and Nick Karpenske authored bendyworks committed
Commits on Oct 21, 2009
  1. @jezdez @mxcl

    DRY in autossh formula

    jezdez authored mxcl committed
  2. @seth @mxcl

    Add formula for rdesktop

    seth authored mxcl committed
  3. @mxcl


    Robert Iannucci authored mxcl committed
  4. @mxcl

    Enable jpeg2000 support

    Kieran Pilkington authored mxcl committed
  5. @melito @mxcl

    Latest version wouldn't work with Ruby bindings

    melito authored mxcl committed
    So bumping down.
  6. @ropiku @mxcl

    Tokyo Tyrant formula

    ropiku authored mxcl committed
    A network interface for concurrent and remote connections to Tokyo 
  7. @ropiku @mxcl

    Updated Tokyo Cabinet to 1.4.35

    ropiku authored mxcl committed
  8. @tcurdt @mxcl

    Add lesspipe 1.7.0 brew

    tcurdt authored mxcl committed
  9. @mxcl

    Update to Git

    Patrick Elder authored mxcl committed
  10. @dreynolds @mxcl

    Remove some unecessary compiler flags

    dreynolds authored mxcl committed
Commits on Oct 20, 2009
  1. add formula for rlwrap

    Caleb Land authored
    rlwrap wraps another command giving it readline editing ability.
    This is useful for interactive programs like clojure which don't provide readline support.
Commits on Oct 19, 2009
  1. @mxcl

    DRY mad project homepages

    mxcl authored
    Yay for using Ruby rather than some lame declarative syntax.
  2. @jou @mxcl formula

    jou authored mxcl committed
    shell-fm is a lightweight, console-based player for radio streams.
    Signed-off-by: Max Howell <>
    The h1 on the page is, everywhere else he calls it shell-fm. Thanks developer-guy. I switched the formula to .fm as that is more consitent with how you would write it if you heard it mentioned in a podcast etc.
  3. @mxcl

    Fix libao runtime issue

    mxcl authored
    Symbol not found: _dlsym_auto_underscore
    Fixes pending output issue.
  4. @jou @mxcl

    madplay formula

    jou authored mxcl committed
    A command-line front-end for the MAD decoder
  5. @jou @mxcl

    libid3tag formula

    jou authored mxcl committed
    ID3 library from libmad
  6. @mxcl

    Camelcase class names around the . from filenames

    mxcl authored
    Eg. -> ShellFm
  7. @mxcl

    Build a universal binary on Leopard

    mxcl authored
    Fixes #69
  8. @mxcl


    mxcl authored
    Note, we still don't support PPC, this builds a 32 bit, 64 bit binary.
  9. @jezdez
  10. @aanand @mxcl

    Add readline dependency to Ruby

    aanand authored mxcl committed
  11. @mikejs @mxcl

    Add dependencies to 'brew info' output

    mikejs authored mxcl committed
  12. @ELLIOTTCABLE @mxcl

    Some improvements to the Scons formula

    ELLIOTTCABLE authored mxcl committed
  13. @mxcl

    Add Scons formula

    Kieran Pilkington authored mxcl committed
    Signed-off-by: Max Howell <>
    Scons is now an example of a system that we do duplicated even though easy_install supports it. This is because:
    1) Easy Install installs a version that is not current;
    2) We may need to directly depend on this formula to build other formula.
  14. @mxcl

    Much to my surprise OS X provides Apache Ant

    mxcl authored
    Although amusingly, it's version 1.7.1 on Leopard and 1.7.0 on Snow Leopard!
  15. @pixeltrix @mxcl

    Update to tiff-3.9.1

    pixeltrix authored mxcl committed
  16. @pixeltrix @mxcl

    Set mandir in configure script instead of moving afterwards

    pixeltrix authored mxcl committed
  17. @mxcl

    Allow svn+http:// urls

    mxcl authored
  18. @jezdez @mxcl

    Jython formula

    jezdez authored mxcl committed
    Jython is an implementation of the high-level, dynamic,
    object-oriented language Python written in 100% Pure
    Java, and seamlessly integrated with the Java platform.
    It thus allows you to run Python on any Java platform.
  19. @jezdez @mxcl

    bmon formula

    jezdez authored mxcl committed
    bmon is a portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator. It supports
    various input methods for different architectures. Various output
    modes exist, including an interactive curses interface, lightweight
    HTML output, and simple ASCII output. Statistics may be distributed
    over a network using multicast or unicast and collected at some
    point to generate a summary of statistics for a set of nodes.
  20. @jezdez @mxcl

    htop formula

    jezdez authored mxcl committed
    Htop is an ncursed-based process viewer similar
    to top, but it allows to scroll the list
    vertically and horizontally to see all processes
    and their full command lines.
  21. @mxcl
  22. @mxcl
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