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Storing keys in your repository is A Bad Idea™. With idkfa, you can store them in a YAML file outside your repository yet include them easily.

Once installed and setup with Idkfa.load_keys, your sensitive information will be stored in upper-cased keys inside ENV.

Why “idkfa?” Haven’t you played Doom?

Default Configuration

To configure idkfa, you will need to add a credentials.yml file to your project

Sample config/credentials.yml:

common: &COMMON
  domain_url: http://localhost:3000
  my_secret_api_key: something_really_secret
  <<: *COMMON
  <<: *COMMON

Usage with Rails

  • Add gem 'idkfa' to your Gemfile
  • Run bundle
  • Add the Idkfa.load_keys call inside your Application definition in config/application.rb:
class Application < Rails::Application
  Idkfa.load_keys Rails.env, :credentials => Rails.root.join('config', 'credentials.yml')
  • In your application, use ENV['MY_SECRET_API_KEY']

General Usage

  • Run gem install idkfa
  • Use Idkfa.load_keys :production, :credentials => File.expand_path('../credentials.yml', __FILE__) (or similar)
  • In your code, use ENV['MY_SECRET_API_KEY']


Written/Conceived by:

  • Bradley Grzesiak – Bendyworks
  • Jaymes Waters – Bendyworks
  • Nick Karpenske – Bendyworks