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A curated list of community detection research papers with implementations.
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Awesome Community Detection Research Papers

Awesome PRs Welcome

A collection of community detection papers with implementations.

Similar collections about graph embedding, classification/regression tree and gradient boosting papers with implementations.

Table of Contents
  1. Factorization
  2. Deep Learning
  3. Label Propagation, Percolation and Random Walks
  4. Tensor Decomposition
  5. Spectral Methods
  6. Temporal Methods
  7. Cyclic Patterns
  8. Centrality and Cuts
  9. Physics Inspired
  10. Others


  • GMC: Graph-based Multi-view Clustering (TKDE 2019)

  • Knowledge Graph Enhanced Community Detection and Characterization (WSDM 2019)

    • Shreyansh Bhatt, Swati Padhee, Amit Sheth, Keke Chen ,Valerie Shalin, Derek Doran, and Brandon Minnery
    • [Paper]
    • [Java Reference]
  • Graph Embedding with Self-Clustering (Arxiv 2018)

  • Non-Linear Attributed Graph Clustering by Symmetric NMF with PU Learning (Arxiv 2018)

  • Deep Autoencoder-like Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Community Detection (CIKM 2018)

  • Adaptive Community Detection Incorporating Topology and Content in Social Networks (Knowledge-Based Systems 2018)

  • Learning Latent Factors for Community Identification and Summarization (IEEE Access 2018)

  • Bayesian Robust Attributed Graph Clustering: Joint Learning of Partial Anomalies and Group Structure (AAAI 2018)

  • Sentiment-driven Community Profiling and Detection on Social Media (ACM HSM 2018)

  • TNE: A Latent Model for Representation Learning on Networks (Arxiv 2018)

  • Non-Linear Attributed Graph Clustering by Symmetric NMF with PU Learning (Arxiv 2018)

  • Community Preserving Network Embedding (AAAI 17)

  • Self-weighted Multiview Clustering with Multiple Graphs (IJCAI 17)

  • Semi-supervised Clustering in Attributed Heterogeneous Information Networks (WWW 17)

  • Learning Community Embedding with Community Detection and Node Embedding on Graph (CIKM 2017)

  • Cross-Validation Estimate of the Number of Clusters in a Network (Scientific Report 2017)

  • Comparative Analysis on the Selection of Number of Clusters in Community Detection (ArXiv 2017)

  • Subspace Based Network Community Detection Using Sparse Linear Coding (TKDE 2016)

  • Joint Community and Structural Hole Spanner Detection via Harmonic Modularity (KDD 2016)

  • Community Detection via Fused Loadings Principal Component Analysis (2016)

  • Feature Extraction via Multi-view Non-negative Matrix Factorization with Local Graph Regularization (IEEE ICIP 2015)

  • A Unified Semi-Supervised Community Detection Framework Using Latent Space Graph Regularization (IEEE TOC 2015)

  • Community Detection via Measure Space Embedding (NIPS 2015)

  • Nonnegative Matrix Tri-Factorization with Graph Regularization for Community Detection in Social Networks (IJCAI 2015)

  • Community Detection for Clustered Attributed Graphs via a Variational EM Algorithm (Big Data 2014)

  • Improved Graph Clustering (Transactions on Information Network Theory 2014)

  • Overlapping Community Detection at Scale: a Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Approach (WSDM 2013)

  • Symmetric Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Graph Clustering (SDM 2012)

  • A Model-based Approach to Attributed Graph Clustering (SIGMOID 2012)

  • Overlapping Community Detection Using Bayesian Non-negative Matrix Factorization (Physical Review E 2011)

Deep Learning

  • Supervised Community Detection with Line Graph Neural Networks (ICLR 2019)

  • CommunityGAN: Community Detection with Generative Adversarial Nets (ArXiv 2019)

  • An Adaptive Graph Learning Method Based on Dual Data Representations for Clustering (Pattern Recognition 2018)

  • Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Community Detection via Prior-Induced Equivalent Super-Network (Scientific Reports 2017)

  • MGAE: Marginalized Graph Autoencoder for Graph Clustering (CIKM 2017)

  • Graph Clustering with Dynamic Embedding (Arxiv 2017)

  • Modularity based Community Detection with Deep Learning (IJCAI 2016)

  • Learning Deep Representations for Graph Clustering (AAAI 2014)

Label Propagation, Percolation and Random Walks

  • Dynamic Graph-Based Label Propagation for Density Peaks Clustering (Expert Systems 2019)

  • Community Detection by Information Flow Simulation (ArXiv 2018)

  • Multiple Local Community Detection (ACM SIGMETRICS 2017)

  • Krylov Subspace Approximation for Local Community Detection in Large Networks (ArXiv 2017)

  • Many Heads are Better than One: Local Community Detection by the Multi-Walker Chain (ICDM 2017)

  • Improving PageRank for Local Community Detection (ArXiv 2016)

  • Limited Random Walk Algorithm for Big Graph Data Clustering (Journal of Big Data 2016)

  • Community Detection Based on Structure and Content: A Content Propagation Perspective (ICDM 2015)

  • Modeling Community Detection Using Slow Mixing Random Walks (IEEE Big Data 2015)

  • GossipMap: A Distributed Community Detection Algorithm for Billion-Edge Directe Graphs (SC 2015)

  • Overlapping Community Detection Using Seed Set Expansion (CIKM 2013)

  • Influence-Based Network-Oblivious Community Detection (ICDM 2013)

  • SLPA: Uncovering Overlapping Communities in Social Networks via A Speaker-listener Interaction Dynamic Process (ICDMW 2011)

  • On the Generation of Stable Communities of Users for Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Social Networks (IEEE ICOIN 2011)

  • SHARC: Community-Based Partitioning for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Neighborhood Similarity (IEEE WoWMoM 2010)

  • Graph Clustering Based on Structural/Attribute Similarities (WSDM 2009)

  • Bridge Bounding: A Local Approach for Efficient Community Discovery in Complex Networks (ArXiv 2009)

    • Symeon Papadopoulos, Andre Skusa, Athena Vakali, Yiannis Kompatsiaris, and Nadine Wagner
    • [Paper]
    • [Java Reference]
  • The Map Equation (The European Physical Journal Special Topics 2009)

  • Biclique communities (Physical Review E 2008)

  • Chinese Whispers: an Efficient Graph Clustering Algorithm and its Application to Natural Language Processing Problems (HLT NAACL 2006)

  • An Efficient Algorithm for Large-scale Detection of Protein Families (Nucleic Acids Research 2002)

Tensor Decomposition

  • Coupled Graphs and Tensor Factorization for Recommender Systems and Community Detection (TKDE 2018)

  • Community Detection, Link Prediction, and Layer Interdependence in Multilayer Networks (Physical Review E 2017)

  • Overlapping Community Detection via Constrained PARAFAC: A Divide and Conquer Approach (ICDM 2017)

  • Fast Detection of Overlapping Communities via Online Tensor Methods on GPUs (ArXiV 2013)

Spectral Methods

  • Spectral Clustering of Signed Graphs via Matrix Power Means (ICML 2019)

  • A Unified Framework for Structured Graph Learning via Spectral Constraints (ArXiv 2019)

    • Sandeep Kumar, Jiaxi Ying, José Vinícius de Miranda Cardoso, and Daniel Palomar
    • [Paper]
    • [R Reference]
  • Scalable Spectral Clustering Using Random Binning Features (KDD 2018)

  • Community Detection and Stochastic Block Models: Recent Developments (JMLR 2018)

  • Understanding Regularized Spectral Clustering via Graph Conductance (NIPS 2018)

  • Locally-Biased Spectral Approximation for Community Detection (Knowledge-Based Systems 2018)

  • Community Detection on Euclidean Random Graphs (Electronic Journal of Statistics 2018)

  • Community Detection by L0-Penalized Graph Laplacian (Electronic Journal of Statistics 2018)

  • Phase Transitions and a Model Order Selection Criterion for Spectral Graph Clustering (IEEE TSP 2018)

  • An Algorithm J-SC of Detecting Communities in Complex Networks (Physics Letters A 2017)

  • Local Lanczos Spectral Approximation for Community Detection (ECML PKDD 2017)

  • AMOS: An Automated Model Order Selection Algorithm for Spectral Graph Clustering (ICASSP 2017)

  • Enhanced Community Detection in Social Networks Using Active Spectral Clustering (SAC 2016)

  • Clustering Signed Networks with the Geometric Mean of Laplacians (NIPS 2016)

  • Spectral Clustering with Graph Filtering and Landmark Based Representation (ICASSP 2016)

  • Uncovering the Small Community Structure in Large Networks: a Local Spectral Approach (WWW 2015)

  • Large-Scale Multi-View Spectral Clustering via Bipartite Graph (AAAI 2015)

  • Accurate Community Detection in the Stochastic Block Model via Spectral Algorithms (Arxiv 2014)

  • Self-Taught Spectral Clustering via Constraint Augmentation (SDM 2014)

  • Multi-Objective Multi-View Spectral Clustering via Pareto Optimization (SDM 2013)

  • Co-Clustering for Directed Graphs: the Stochastic Co-Blockmodel and Spectral Algorithm Di-Sim (ArXiv 2012)

  • Asymptotic Analysis of the Stochastic Block Model for Modular Networks and its Algorithmic Applications (Physical Review 2011)

  • Phase Transition in the Detection of Modules in Sparse Networks (Physical Review Letters 2011)

  • Active Spectral Clustering (ICDM 2010)

  • Flexible Constrained Spectral Clustering (KDD 2010)

  • Spectral Clustering Based on the Graph p-Laplacian (ICML 2009)

Temporal Methods

  • DynComm R Package - Dynamic Community Detection for Evolving Networks (Arxiv 2019)

    • Rui Portocarrero Sarmento, Luís Lemos, Mário Cordeiro, Giulio Rossetti, and Douglas Cardoso
    • [Paper]
    • [R Reference]
  • Block-Structure Based Time-Series Models For Graph Sequences (Arxiv 2018)

  • DyPerm: Maximizing Permanence for Dynamic Community Detection (PKDD 2018)

  • Temporally Evolving Community Detection and Prediction in Content-Centric Networks (ECML 2018)

  • A Streaming Algorithm for Graph Clustering (Arxiv 2017)

  • Model-Based Clustering of Time-Evolving Networks through Temporal Exponential-Family Random Graph Models (Arxiv 2017)

  • Dynamic Community Detection Based on Network Structural Perturbation and Topological Similarity (Journal of Statistical Mechanics 2017)

  • RDYN⁠: Graph Benchmark Handling Community Dynamics (Arxiv 2017)

  • Sequential Detection of Temporal Communities by Estrangement Confinement (Scientific Reports 2012)

  • GraphScope: Parameter-Free Mining of Large Time-Evolving Graphs (KDD 2007)

Cyclic Patterns

  • From Louvain to Leiden: Guaranteeing Well-connected Communities (Scientific Reports 2019)

  • Anti-community Detection in Complex Networks (SSDBM 2018)

  • ComSim: A Bipartite Community Detection Algorithm Using Cycle and Node's Similarity (International Workshop on Complex Networks 2018)

  • Adaptive Modularity Maximization via Edge Weighting Scheme (Information Sciences 2018)

  • Semi-Supervised Community Detection Using Structure and Size (ICDM 2018)

  • Graph Sketching-based Space-efficient Data Clustering (SDM 2018)

  • Hierarchical Graph Clustering using Node Pair Sampling (Arxiv 2018)

  • Priority Based Clustering in Weighted Graph Streams (JISE 2018)

  • Graph Learning for Multiview Clustering (IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 2017)

  • DCEIL: Distributed Community Detection with the CEIL Score (IEEE HPCC 2017)

  • A Community Detection Algorithm Using Network Topologies and Rule-Based Hierarchical Arc-Merging Strategies (PLOS One 2017)

  • Local Higher-Order Graph Clustering (KDD 2017)

  • ComSim: A Bipartite Community Detection Algorithm Using Cycle and Node’s Similarity (Complex Networks 2017)

  • Evolutionary Graph Clustering for Protein Complex Identification (IEEE Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 2016)

  • pSCAN: Fast and Exact Structural Graph Clustering (ICDE 2016)

  • Node-Centric Detection of OverlappingCommunities in Social Networks (IWSCN 2016)

  • Graph Clustering with Density-Cut (Arxiv 2016)

  • Intra-Graph Clustering Using Collaborative Similarity Measure (DPCD 2015)

  • High Quality, Scalable and Parallel Community Detection for Large Real Graphs (WWW 2014)

  • GMAC: A Seed-Insensitive Approach to Local Community Detection (DaWak 2013)

  • On the Maximum Quasi-Clique Problem (Discrete Applied Mathematics 2013)

  • Community Detection in Networks with Node Attributes (ICDM 2013)

  • Detecting the Structure of Social Networks Using (α,β)-Communities (IWAMW 2011)

  • Multi-Netclust: An Efficient Tool for Finding Connected Clusters in Multi-Parametric Networks (IWAMW 2011)

    • Arnold Kuzniar, Somdutta Dhir, Harm Nijveen, Sándor Pongor, Jack A.M. Leunissen
    • [Paper]
    • [C Reference]
  • Fast Unfolding of Communities in Large Networks (Journal of Statistical Mechanics 2008)

Centrality and Cuts

  • Parallelizing Pruning-based Graph Structural Clustering (ICPP 2018)

  • Real-Time Community Detection in Large Social Networks on a Laptop (PLOS 2018)

  • A Polynomial Algorithm for Balanced Clustering via Graph Partitioning (EJOR 2018)

  • A Community Detection Algorithm Using Network Topologies and Rule-based Hierarchical Arc-merging Strategies (PLOS 2018)

  • Hidden Community Detection in Social Networks (Information Sciences 2018)

  • Ego-splitting Framework: from Non-Overlapping to Overlapping Clusters (KDD 2017)

  • Query-oriented Graph Clustering (PAKDD 2017)

  • Fast Heuristic Algorithm for Multi-scale Hierarchical Community Detection (ASONAM 2017)

  • Community Detection in Signed Networks: the Role of Negative Ties in Different Scales (Scientific Reports 2015)

  • Detecting Community Structures in Social Networks by Graph Sparsification (CODS 2016)

  • Community Detection in Complex Networks Using Density-Based Clustering Algorithm and Manifold Learning (Physica A 2016)

  • Smart Partitioning of Geo-Distributed Resources to Improve Cloud Network Performance (CloudNet 2015)

  • Generalized Modularity for Community Detection (ECML 2015)

  • Online Community Detection for Large Complex Networks (IJCAI 2013)

  • Agglomerative Clustering via Maximum Incremental Path Integral (Pattern Recognition 2013)

  • Graph Degree Linkage: Agglomerative Clustering on a Directed Graph (ECCV 2012)

  • Weighted Graph Cuts without Eigenvectors a Multilevel Approach (IEEE TPAMI 2007)

Physics Inspired

  • Community Detection Using Preference Networks (Physica A 2018)

  • Thermodynamics of the Minimum Description Length on Community Detection (ArXiv 2018)

  • Fluid Communities: A Community Detection Algorithm (Complenet 2017)

    • Ferran Parés, Dario Garcia-Gasulla, Armand Vilalta, Jonatan Moreno, Eduard Ayguadé, Jesús Labarta, Ulises Cortés and Toyotaro Suzumura
    • [Paper]
    • [Python Reference]
  • A Local Perspective on Community Structure in Multilayer Networks (Network Science 2017)

  • Defining Least Community as a Homogeneous Group in Complex Networks (Physica A 2015)

  • Think Locally, Act Locally: Detection of Small, Medium-Sized, and Large Communities in Large Networks (Physica Review E 2015)

  • Detecting Community Structure Using Label Propagation with Weighted Coherent Neighborhood Propinquity (Physica A 2013)

  • Parallel Community Detection on Large Networks with Propinquity Dynamics (KDD 2009)

  • Laplacian Dynamics and Multiscale Modular Structure in Networks (IEEE TNSE 2008)

  • Statistical Mechanics of Community Detection (Phyics Review E 2006)


  • Learning Resolution Parameters for Graph Clustering (WWW 2019)

  • Multiview Consensus Graph Clustering (IEEE TIP 2019)

  • Clubmark - Bench bencmarking Framework for the Clustering Algorithms Evaluation (ICDM 2018)

  • Discovering Fuzzy Structural Patterns for Graph Analytics (IEEE TFS 2018)

  • Wiring together large single-cell RNA-seq sample collections (biorxiv 2018)

    • Nikolas Barkas, Viktor Petukhov, Daria Nikolaeva, Yaroslav Lozinsky, Samuel Demharter, Konstantin Khodosevich, Peter V. Kharchenko
    • [Paper]
    • [C++]
  • Watset: Automatic Induction of Synsets for a Graph of Synonyms (ACL 2017)

  • An Overlapping Community Detection Algorithm Based on Density Peaks (NeuroComputing 2017)

  • Fast Heuristic Algorithm for Multi-scale Hierarchical Community Detection (ASONAM 2017)

  • Time Series Clustering via Community Detection in Networks (Information Sciences 2016)

  • General Optimization Technique for High-quality Community Detection in Complex Networks (Physical Review E 2014)

  • Community Detection in Multi-Partite Multi-Relational Networks Based on Information Compression (New Generation Computing 2016)

  • Integration of Graph Clustering with Ant Colony Optimization for Feature Selection (Knowledge-Based Systems 2015)

  • Community Detection via Maximization of Modularity and Its Variants (IEEE TCSS 2014)

  • A Smart Local Moving Algorithm for Large-Scale Modularity-Based Community Detection (The European Physical Journal B 2013)

  • Bayesian Hierarchical Community Discovery (NIPS 2013)

  • An efficient and principled method for detecting communitiesin networks (Physical Review E 2011)

  • A Game-Theoretic Approach to Hypergraph Clustering (NIPS 2009)

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