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Log your weight from your wrist
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Log weight

This app does one single thing - it lets you log your weight today to Fitbit directly from your Versa or Ionic. When adding an entry for today it will, if possible, use yesterdays weight as a starting point. From there you can go up or down.

In order to function this app requires a connection to your phone and internet to communicate with Fitbit.

In settings you can choose your unit (pounds or stone) if you're not happy with the default kg. You also have to visit the settings screen when you first install the app to log in with your Fitbit account. The app will request access to read and write to your Fitbit weight log.

If you encounter errors:

  • Try restarting the app on your watch. The app should start working on the second or third try.
  • Try rebooting your watch.

Log weight is completely free and open source. Feel free to raise issues if you find any bugs or have suggestions for new features.

You should also download Tyler's app Water-Logged, which is also open source! With this app and his you'll be able to both log your weight and your water intake directly from your watch.


Even though Fitbit has created a very nice and easy to use ecosystem for developing for Fitbit OS, keeping this app open source would have been way more difficult without the amazing FitbitFS. You should take a look at it if you're thinking about writing open source apps for Fitbit OS! It lets you sync your Fitbit Studio files onto your local drive.

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