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Describe and recognize multitouch gestures in JavaScript. (Highly experimental)

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Describe and recognize multitouch gestures in JavaScript. This is very experimental and currently only intended to figure out the possibilites. Comments are highly appreciated!


  • An iTouch device

Intended Usage

This is just a sketch to gather ideas. Don't expect anything to work like described here.

Defining gestures

Simple one finger gesture:

Gesticulate.buildGesture('swipe', function(gesture) {
  gesture.finger().moves({ from: 'left', to: 'right' });

Simple two finger gesture:

Gesticulate.buildGesture('twoFingerSwipe', function(gesture) {
  // There are no constraints yet.
  // It's possible to swipe one finger and then a second one.
  gesture.finger(0).moves({ from: 'left', to: 'right' });
  gesture.finger(1).moves({ from: 'left', to: 'right' });

  // Possible alternative:
  gesture.fingers([0, 1]).move({ from: 'left', to: 'right });

Observing gestures

Gesticulate.observe(document.getElementById('canvas'), 'swipe');

Explicitly firing gestures (for simulation purposes)

// Set up a fake gesture. Doesn't really recognize anything.
var gesture = new Gesticulate.Gesture('swipe');'canvas'), gesture);

Explicitly driving the recognition process (for simulation purposes)

var gesture = new Gesticulate.Gesture('swipe');
gesture.finger().moves({ from: 'left', to: 'right' });

gesture.update(new Gesticulate.TouchEvent('start', {
  changedTouches: [{ x: 0, y: 0 }]

for(var i = 1; i < 200; i++) {
  gesture.update(new Gesticulate.TouchEvent('move', {
    changedTouches: [{ x: i, y: 0 }]

gesture.update(new Gesticulate.TouchEvent('end', {
  changedTouches: [{ x: 200, y: 0 }]

Known issues

See the issue tracker on GitHub


See the repository on GitHub and feel free to fork it!


Copyright (c) 2010 Benedikt Deicke. See LICENSE for details.

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