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(* v * The Coq Proof Assistant / The Coq Development Team *)
(* <O___,, * INRIA - CNRS - LIX - LRI - PPS - Copyright 1999-2012 *)
(* \VV/ **************************************************************)
(* // * This file is distributed under the terms of the *)
(* * GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 *)
(* Created by Jacek Chrzaszcz, Aug 2002 as part of the implementation of
the Coq module system *)
(* This module provides the main entry points for type-checking basic
declarations *)
open Errors
open Util
open Names
open Univ
open Term
open Declarations
open Environ
open Entries
open Indtypes
open Typeops
let constrain_type env j cst1 = function
| None ->
make_polymorphic_if_constant_for_ind env j, cst1
| Some t ->
let (tj,cst2) = infer_type env t in
let (_,cst3) = judge_of_cast env j DEFAULTcast tj in
assert (eq_constr t tj.utj_val);
let cstrs = union_constraints (union_constraints cst1 cst2) cst3 in
NonPolymorphicType t, cstrs
let local_constrain_type env j cst1 = function
| None ->
j.uj_type, cst1
| Some t ->
let (tj,cst2) = infer_type env t in
let (_,cst3) = judge_of_cast env j DEFAULTcast tj in
assert (eq_constr t tj.utj_val);
t, union_constraints (union_constraints cst1 cst2) cst3
let translate_local_def env (b,topt) =
let (j,cst) = infer env b in
let (typ,cst) = local_constrain_type env j cst topt in
let translate_local_assum env t =
let (j,cst) = infer env t in
let t = Typeops.assumption_of_judgment env j in
(* Same as push_named, but check that the variable is not already
there. Should *not* be done in Environ because tactics add temporary
hypothesis many many times, and the check performed here would
cost too much. *)
let safe_push_named (id,_,_ as d) env =
let _ =
let _ = lookup_named id env in
error ("Identifier "^string_of_id id^" already defined.")
with Not_found -> () in
push_named d env
let push_named_def = push_rel_or_named_def safe_push_named
let push_rel_def = push_rel_or_named_def push_rel
let push_rel_or_named_assum push (id,t) env =
let (j,cst) = safe_infer env t in
let t = Typeops.assumption_of_judgment env j in
let env' = add_constraints cst env in
let env'' = push (id,None,t) env' in
let push_named_assum = push_rel_or_named_assum push_named
let push_rel_assum d env = snd (push_rel_or_named_assum push_rel d env)
let push_rels_with_univ vars env =
List.fold_left (fun env nvar -> push_rel_assum nvar env) env vars
(* Insertion of constants and parameters in environment. *)
let infer_declaration env dcl =
match dcl with
| DefinitionEntry c ->
let (j,cst) = infer env c.const_entry_body in
let j =
{uj_val = hcons_constr j.uj_val;
uj_type = hcons_constr j.uj_type} in
let (typ,cst) = constrain_type env j cst c.const_entry_type in
let def =
if c.const_entry_opaque
then OpaqueDef (Declarations.opaque_from_val j.uj_val)
else Def (Declarations.from_val j.uj_val)
def, typ, cst, c.const_entry_secctx
| ParameterEntry (ctx,t,nl) ->
let (j,cst) = infer env t in
let t = hcons_constr (Typeops.assumption_of_judgment env j) in
Undef nl, NonPolymorphicType t, cst, ctx
let global_vars_set_constant_type env = function
| NonPolymorphicType t -> global_vars_set env t
| PolymorphicArity (ctx,_) ->
(fun t c -> Idset.union (global_vars_set env t) c))
ctx ~init:Idset.empty
let build_constant_declaration env kn (def,typ,cst,ctx) =
let hyps =
let inferred =
let ids_typ = global_vars_set_constant_type env typ in
let ids_def = match def with
| Undef _ -> Idset.empty
| Def cs -> global_vars_set env (Declarations.force cs)
| OpaqueDef lc ->
global_vars_set env (Declarations.force_opaque lc) in
keep_hyps env (Idset.union ids_typ ids_def) in
let declared = match ctx with
| None -> inferred
| Some declared -> declared in
let mk_set l = List.fold_right Idset.add ( pi1 l) Idset.empty in
let inferred_set, declared_set = mk_set inferred, mk_set declared in
if not (Idset.subset inferred_set declared_set) then
error ("The following section variable are used but not declared:\n"^
(String.concat ", " ( string_of_id
(Idset.elements (Idset.diff inferred_set declared_set)))));
declared in
let tps = Cemitcodes.from_val (compile_constant_body env def) in
{ const_hyps = hyps;
const_body = def;
const_type = typ;
const_body_code = tps;
const_constraints = cst }
(*s Global and local constant declaration. *)
let translate_constant env kn ce =
build_constant_declaration env kn (infer_declaration env ce)
let translate_recipe env kn r =
build_constant_declaration env kn
(let def,typ,cst,hyps = Cooking.cook_constant env r in
def,typ,cst,Some hyps)
(* Insertion of inductive types. *)
let translate_mind env kn mie = check_inductive env kn mie
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