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(* v * The Coq Proof Assistant / The Coq Development Team *)
(* <O___,, * INRIA - CNRS - LIX - LRI - PPS - Copyright 1999-2012 *)
(* \VV/ **************************************************************)
(* // * This file is distributed under the terms of the *)
(* * GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 *)
open Names
open Term
open Environ
(** This module is about the computation of an approximation of the
head symbol of defined constants and local definitions; it
provides the function to compute the head symbols and a table to
store the heads *)
(** [declared_head] computes and registers the head symbol of a
possibly evaluable constant or variable *)
val declare_head : evaluable_global_reference -> unit
(** [is_rigid] tells if some term is known to ultimately reduce to a term
with a rigid head symbol *)
val is_rigid : env -> constr -> bool
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