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Plugin to get easy the content of your Google calendar as a list in your Kirby-website.
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Plugin to get easy the content of your Google calendar as a list in your Kirby-Website.

Requirements: Kirby CMS >= v3.0.1


There are three ways to get the plugin:


Download and copy this repository to /site/plugins/. That's it. You're done.

Git submodule

Go to the root of your Project, copy git submodule add´google-calendar-plugin.git site/plugins/google-calendar-plugin in your command line and press enter. Done. The plugin appears in site/plugins.


Copy composer require benediktengel/google-calendar-plugin to your command line and press enter. Done. Also here, the plugin appears in site/plugins.


1. Set your API-Key and your calendarID in your site/config/config.php

'' => 'YOUR-API-KEY',

Need Help? How to get them.

2. Place the snippet in your template

Find the right place for the calendar and add <?= snippet('calendar') ?>

3. Be glad

You did it.


  • Set your API-Key:' => 'YOUR-API-KEY'

    • required
  • Set your calendarID: '' => 'YOUR-CALENDAR-ID'

    • required
  • Change the date format: '' => 'd.m.Y'

    • default: 'd.m.Y'
    • optional
  • Change the time format: '' => 'H:i'

    • default: 'H:i'
    • optional
  • What attributes of the events do you want: '' => []

    • default: ['title', 'dateStart','timeStart', 'dateEnd', 'timeEnd', 'description', 'location', 'url']
    • possible:
      • 'title'
      • 'dateStart'
      • 'timeStart'
      • 'dateEnd'
      • 'timeEnd'
      • 'description'
      • 'location'
      • 'url'
    • optional
  • Show only upcoming events: '' => true

    • default: true
    • optional
    • works only if attributes are set to default or the attribute dateEnd is set.
  • Shorten the displayed description: '' => '300'

    • default: '300'
    • optional
    • works only if cutDescription is true
  • Don't short the description: '' => true

    • default: true
    • optional
  • Name of the link: '' => 'Show more.'

    • default: 'Show more.'
    • optional
  • Style it!

    Each Event comes like this, so you can use the classes to style:

    <div class="calendar-event">
        <h4 class="calendar-title">
            New Year's Eve party
        <p class="calendar-datetime">
            <span class="calendar-start">
                31.12.2018 20:00
            </span> -
            <span class="calendar-end">
                01.01.2019 08:00
        <p class="calendar-location">
            My place
        <p class="calendar-description">
            Come to celebrate the new year together.
            <a class="calendar-link">
                Show more.


  • Section for the settings
  • month view
  • week view

Wishes? Write an issue and use the label enhancement.


Write an issue and maybe I can help you.




Benedikt Engel, 2019

Want to support me? If yes, buy me a coffee ☕. Beer is also okay🍻.


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