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This is record. It gets it's name as it is the "book-keeper" for Lokun. It does a lot of things; authorizes or denies users access to VPN servers, recieves payments, holds the little customer data we have (no other information is stored by us about our users).


We believe in free software and thus record is licensed as AGPL.

Dependencies from apt:

Install before pip packages.

  • python
  • python-pip
  • nsis
  • openssl
  • python-dev
  • build-essentials
  • pdftk
  • libffi-dev
  • libssl-dev

Python packages needed

  • json
  • sqlite3
  • bottle
  • BeautifulSoup
  • quopri
  • pycrypto
  • webtest
  • netaddr
  • fdfgen
  • pyopenssl
  • ndg-httpsclient
  • pyasn1
  • dnspython

DalPay crypto protocol

This protocol follows the Encrypt-Then-MAC principle and the main objective for implementing this protocol is to prevent disclosure of the username to DalPay (or any other payment processor for that matter), since DalPay have the name, address and card number of a customer.

When a user initiates a DalPay transaction, a message is placed in the user1 parameter sent to dalpay from This parameter is then included in the callback that is sent to The message follows the following protocol:

 AES_ENCRYPT(Base64("Username$Nonce"), key) $ Nonce $ IV $ HMAC

This is done to ensure that a 3-rd party handling payments doesn't have the information required to associate card details with a Lokun username.

Other parts

Do note that this project depends on other parts of Lokun that are not included on github. These are keycontrol and reikningar.


Main: Benedikt Kristinsson

Karl Emil Karlsson