A toolkit for building a JSONapi




This library is under active development. If you have any suggestions or found bugs, please create a new issue.

This library is a toolkit for building a http://jsonapi.org/ compliant API. It has built in support for many web frameworks and database drivers:

  • flask
  • tornado
  • sqlalchemy
  • mongoengine
  • motorengine

Furthermore, it can be extended to work with all web frameworks and database engines.

But that's not all: We support blocking and asynchronous code.


Check out the docs for a full introduction at https://py-jsonapi.readthedocs.org.


This library is licensed under the MIT License.

Contributions and questions

Contributions are always welcome. If you have a question, don't hesitate to open a new issue.

Version numbers

We will use semantic version numbers, starting with the first release.