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Fixed ion_auth_model can't access ion_auth property when auto login. #46

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In the Ion_auth class' __construct function, it load the ion_auth_model, and then check the auto-login, when calling $this->ci->ion_auth_model->login_remembered_user(), the Ion_auth class were not finished init.

So, in the Ion_auth_model's login_remembered_user function, it can't using $this->ion_auth, the ion_auth property is null, on the line 965:

if (isset($this->ion_auth->_extra_where))

This line may cause the issue.

Sorry for my English, hope this help.


Hey dude,

Thank you for looking into this. Since CI2.0 this is an outstanding bug but I haven't been able to reproduce. Can you do me a favor and determine if the error is from the isset() check for the extra _where in the login_remembered_user() or if it is that function call. I think it is an isset check somewhere.


Yeah, it form the isset() check for the extra _where, I delete some code like:

    if (isset($this->ion_auth->_extra_where))

in login_remembered_user(), and the errors gone.

There are 2 places cause the error, the first is line 965, and the second is line 981, the update_last_login() will check $this->ion_auth->_extra_where too.


Awesome, looks great dude!

Thanks for the help, I'll test and merge sometime this weekend.


Modified a little and merged in. Thanks again dude!


I'm glad I could help. :)

This issue was closed.
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  1. +2 −0  libraries/Ion_auth.php
2  libraries/Ion_auth.php
@@ -103,6 +103,8 @@ public function __construct()
//auto-login the user if they are remembered
if (!$this->logged_in() && get_cookie('identity') && get_cookie('remember_code'))
+ $CI = &get_instance();
+ $CI->ion_auth = $this;
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