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Python Async Programming and Twisted Deferreds Tutorial
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Readme File for Tutorial: "Intro to Python Asynchronous Programming and Twisted's Deferreds"

Ben Eills, 2012


The main copy of this tutorial is hosted at , and the asociated files are linked to from there. This is the suggested version to read if you want to learn about Python async programming, Twisted and Deferreds.

The development version is stored in a GitHub repository at . This is intended to make it easy for others to contribute, as well as it being a convienient place to store stuff.


Please feel free to contribute via GitHub by cloning the repo and improving stuff. I'm not too familiar with GitHub, but I'm sure you can find a way to message me with patches, or raise issues.

The main tutorial is written using Org Mode in Emacs, intended to be exported to HTML. This is the first time I've done web authoring using it, but it seems to have worked pretty well.


Intended as a reminder to me of how to publish this on main website: * Generate HTML document using Emacs * Generate tar.gz of examples * TODO


No permission is required to copy, distribute or modify any file distributed as part of the Deferred tutorial, includin, but not limite to, source code, text files and generated HTML documents. In fact, the author hopes that you might improve it. Attribution and linking to the source and/or corresponding tutorial is politely requested.

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