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"Dolomite" is an acronym for "Directories Led by Members".

The aim of this software is to federate digital identities management for multiple computer-supported collaborative work environments.

On the Internet, digital identities management is usually about:

  • Authentification ("Who is it?"),
  • Authorization ("What can he/she do?"),
  • Accounting ("What did he/she do?").

The concept of Dolomite is to manage all three in a collaborative way.

Functional features

Any member can invite a new member (and guarantee his/her real name).

Any member can set and reset his/her own password.

Technical features

  • LDAP compatibility.
  • Multiplatform.
  • Multitenancy (different communities can share the same server instance).


2009: Aurélien Bénel prototyped a co-optation-based management system for LDAP directories.

2010-2011: Aurélien Bénel's students and Diana Zambon developed a new version with a focus on usability and easier deployment.