Prismic Mapping Helpers
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Prismic Mapping Helpers

An attribute based mapping helper to populate objects from Prismic Documents


Available on nuget:

Install-Package benembery.PrismicMapping.Core


Add attributes to your DTO, you can name the field you want to map in the atrribute [PrismicTextField("text_named")] or leave it blank and the mapper will lower case the property name and look for that field name in the prismic document instead.

private class ExampleMappingClass
    public string Id { get; set; }

    public string Text { get; set; }

    public string NamedText { get; set; }

    public StructuredText StructuredText { get; set; }

    public StructuredText NamedStructuredText { get; set; }

    public DateTime DateTime { get; set; }

    public DateTime? DateTimeNullable { get; set; }

    public TestMappingClass()
        Child = new TestChildPropertyMappingClass();

When you need to map the document, call the mapper as follows.

var result = PrismicMapper.Map<ExampleMappingClass>(document);


  • Add Method CreateMap to pre-cache the mapping plans and which will improve first map performance.
  • Got a suggestion get in touch on twitter @benembery