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Updated - Setting up for Facebook and Twitter

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@@ -62,6 +62,22 @@ Part B
8. Build from within Eclipse or 'ant clean debug' to build an installable .apk file
9. The signed apk will be present in the /bin folder which can be installed on the Android device/emulator.
+Part C
+1. Setting up for Facebook
+- Following link has an in-depth explanation on how to set up the Facebook application
+- Assign the (App ID/API Key) found from the Application page to the SocialNetworkKeys FACEBOOK_APP_ID variable
+- Assign the (ACCESS_TOKEN) from by clicking "Get Access Token" to SocialNetworkKeys FACEBOOK_ACCESS_TOKEN
+2. Setting up for Twitter
+- Go to your and Sign in with your Twitter account
+- Enter application name, description, Company, call-back url and click "Create"
+- You will be able to see to keys called Consumer Key and Consumer Secret
+- Assign those values to SocialNetworkKeys TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY and TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET respectively
Side Notes:
One common reason the build steps mentioned in Part A may fail is because
the Android SDK and NDK locations in might not be correct.
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