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Grav Freshdesk Plugin

This Grav plugin creates a ticket in your Freshdesk account when the user submits a form.

Installing / Updating

You can install this plugin through the Grav Package Manager (GPM):

bin/gpm install freshdesk

This will install the plugin into your /user/plugins directory within Grav. To update to the latest version:

bin/gpm update freshdesk


User configuration should go in /user/config/plugins/freshdesk.yaml. Here's a sample config file:

enabled: true
api_key: *******************
domain: mysite
  • api_key (required): Your Freshdesk API key.
  • domain (required): The subdomain part of your Freshdesk URL (e.g. if your URL is, then enter mysite).


Here's how you would use this plugin in a page that contains a form:

    name: contact
            name: name
            label: 'Name'
            type: text
            name: email
            label: 'Email Address'
            type: email
            name: subject
            label: 'Subject'
            type: text
            name: description
            label: 'Message'
            type: textarea
        - type: submit
          value: Submit
                name: '{{ }}'
                email: '{{ }}'
                subject: '{{ form.value.subject }}'
                description: '{{ form.value.description|nl2br }}'

Let's look at the parameters of the freshdesk form action:

  • name: Name of the requester.
  • email (required): Email address of the requester. If no contact exists with this email address in Freshdesk, it will be added as a new contact.
  • subject (required): Subject of the ticket.
  • description (required): HTML content of the ticket.

Credits / Thanks

This plugin uses Freshdesk PHP SDK API v2.