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The main parts of this are:

  • a phantomjs script that launches the webserver and loads the pages
  • a node.js proxy to get around some cors issues (which I'm having trouble reproducing at the moment)
  • a script that is injected by the phantomjs to find the css rules, and the items they impact - lib/findStyles.js
  • a frontend page that makes the requests and renders the interactions with canvas - public/index.html


This requires phantom.js, once you have that installed - you can fire up the server with:

phantomjs app.js

By default, this will run on http://localhost:8080

[optional] cors proxy

The cors proxy is a node.js app - you can run it with

npm install
node proxy.js

Then tell the phantomjs script to use that by setting the PROX env variable

PROX="http://localhost:5000/?url=" phantomjs app.js


It would be ace if you wanted to help improve this tool. It's fairly hacked together at the moment so could do with a lot of love. If you have any questions about it at all ping me @benjaminbenben

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