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from collections import defaultdict
from itertools import chain
import FloydWarshall
import random
def kmers_in_word(w):
return [w[i:i + 4] for i in range(len(w) - 4)]
def random_path(d):
result = []
items = d.keys()
while len(items) > 0:
x = random.choice(items)
items = list(d[x])
return result
def branch(d, s, root, level=0):
if level < 3:
root[1].extend((s, edge, next(k for k in kmers[s] if edge in k)) for edge in d[s])
for edge in d[s]:
branch(d, edge, root, level+1)
def words_sharing_kmer(word, d):
return chain(d[k] for k in kmers_in_word(word))
if __name__ == '__main__':
with open("corncob_lowercase.txt") as f:
s = (line.strip() for line in f)
word_list = [w for w in s if len(w) > 3]
kmers = defaultdict(list)
for word in word_list:
for k in kmers_in_word(word):
debruijn = defaultdict(set)
for kmer, words in kmers.iteritems():
for word in words:
for k in kmers_in_word(word):
if kmer[1:4] == k[0:3]:
print len(debruijn)
# print debruijn
# p = random_path(debruijn)
# while len(p) < 10:
# p = random_path(debruijn)
# print p
# for i in range(len(p)-1):
# print [k for k in kmers[p[i]] if p[i+1] in k]
tree = ([],[])
branch(debruijn, 'rati', tree)
for edge in tree[1]:
print ",".join(edge)