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Turn many pieces of ANSI text art and ASCII/NFO plain text into HTML5 text using RetroTxt. The browser agnostic WebExtension that takes retro text files and stylises them into a more pleasing, useful format to view and copy in a web browser.

Available for installation from both the Chrome store and Mozilla Add-ons.

  • View ANSI, ASCII, NFO, Shift JIS, PCBoard, Wildcat text art as HTML
  • RGB 16.7 million, xterm 256 and IBM VGA 16 colour support
  • Swappable ANSI palettes, xterm, VGA, CGA, monochrome and switchable iCE Colors
  • Swappable ASCII & NFO colour themes, DOS, Windows, Amiga, C-64, Apple II, Atari ST
  • SAUCE metadata parsing
  • Multiple text encodings support including CP437, ISO-8959-1, Windows-1252, Shift JIS
  • Text rendering toggles, smeared, shadow and normal
  • Multiple IBM PC font support such as VGA, PS/2, EGA, CGA, MDA plus variants and more
  • Various Amiga fonts plus Mona, Commodore PETSCII, Atari ATASCII, Atari ST and Apple II


  • A lot of Bulletin Board System era ANSI art that relied on the 80x25 terminal with cursor positioning to create visual text motion and animations do not convert to HTML

RetroTxt showcase




Chrome · Firefox

Or use the source code


Chrome 55 or Firefox 55 or newer browsers.

Run RetroTxt

After install you can run RetroTxt on any text or ANSI art file viewed in the browser by clicking the toolbar button.

Selected toolbar button

RetroTxt toolbar button in Chrome

You can test the RetroTxt install by clicking on one of the 10 Sample artworks found on the welcome.html tab that launches after installation.

RetroTxt samples

Elsewhere there are thousands of text files hosted at or Project Gutenberg's plain text books. Or download one of the amazing text art packs created by Blocktronics or found at and use the file:/// protocol to browse and view the text art files saved onto your hard drive.


Chrome requires Allow access to file URLs selected if you wish to use RetroTxt with text files stored on your local computer.



An important note about the license

While RetroTxt uses a GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0, the included fonts are not. You should read each font license that is in the fonts/ subdirectory before redistribution, as some of the added collections do not permit the sale or modification of their fonts and packages.


RetroTxt by Ben Garrett on Twitter @bens_zone and GitHub

RetroTxt ANSI logo Zeus II Twitter @Zeus_II

Options icons by Google Material Design

Tippy tooltips by atomiks