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RetroTxt Changes


December 2018

  • Re-added the ability to make additions to the Apply RetroTxt to text files hosted on these websites list that was disabled in v3.0.
  • Fixed the Zeus II logo for the welcome screen breaking on Linux.
  • Fixed Homepage URL in the Firefox addon tab.
  • Fixed incorrect links in



  • User interface improvements and bug fixes.
  • Much improved legacy code page detection and support.
  • New progressive permissions for enhanced security.
  • New redesign of the Options menu.
  • New ASCII text theme for your own custom background/foreground colours.

November 2018

  • Rewrote the Code Page 437 normaliser, the character conversions are more accurate.
  • RetroTxt gracefully recovers after the unintentional deletion of storage items.
  • RetroTxt out of the box is locked down with gradual permission privileges requests when features are enabled. Previously RetroTxt always had access to downloads, http/ftp tabs, etc. regardless of whether they were needed or not. However, these are moving to optional_permissions which grant access on an associated Option.
  • Broad http://*/ and https://*/ read permissions are gone in favour of domain-specific access such as* and*. RetroTxt never read more than the first two characters of any HTML tab that is active, but it was not a good look for new users seeing Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit in the add-ons menu.
  • Redesigned the Options menu to better match the new user interface introduced in Chrome v69. This required the disabling of the chrome_style manifest UI option which hasn't been updated since early 2016.
  • Added a privacy policy with API permission requirements.
  • Added Option to use a customised colour set for the text foreground and background.
  • Added IBM's 2017 Plex Mono font.
  • Added Macintosh-Roman, ISO8859-10 code page support.
  • Mouse hovering on the information header font name reveals more descriptive font information.
  • Added Option to toggle blinking text and cursor animations.
  • Added a link to SAUCE header data for some ANSI groups when their group data are matches in the SAUCE metadata.
  • Added new icons for Firefox dark themes.
  • Firefox uses SVG icons.
  • Center align text now previews in the sample text.
  • RetroTxt browser toolbar button now behaves differently to avoid occasional false positives. Instead of disabling itself when an invalid page is detected, the button now shows a ✔ checkmark whenever a compatible tab is active. The compatibility results vary based on the web-extension permissions grants.
  • Fixed PCBoard & Wildcat BBS colour inaccuracies in the CSS.
  • Remapped CGA palettes so black is less frequent.
  • Text that lack linebreaks now wrap to the browser tab.
  • CSS variables are more frequently in use.
  • Added install type detection that enables a verbose mode when the type is development.
  • Sourcecode uses Prettier for opinionated formatting.
  • Refactored most of the JS to use ES5 Class expressions so the source code easier to follow. It is still a TODO item for parse_ansi.js.
  • Using separate manifest.json and options.html for Firefox and Chrome. Chrome's web-extension API hasn't been updated since early 2016 and is now the legacy implementation.
  • Saves the Options last active tab.
  • Expanded the number of unit tests to cover more of the application.
  • Fixed incorrect keyboard keys displayed on alerts with macOS.
  • Fixed Options icons links with underlined artefacts in Chrome.
  • Fixed Options now gracefully handle the removal of localStorage items.
  • Fixed broken Options links when in development install type.

Known issues

  • Currently, you cannot make additions to the Apply RetroTxt to text files hosted on these websites list. The problem is due to new permissions API implementation that requires all sites to be listed in the manifest.json.
  • On Firefox 63 the Options fonts menu sprawls across the screen, this is fixed in version 64.
  • On Firefox Linux the Zeus II logo for the welcome screen is broken.
  • For some distributions with Firefox on Linux the select menus have extra large, unreadable fonts.


March 2018

  • Added Shift JIS support that will toggle the use of the Mona font when encountered.
  • Added an ANSI 80 column wrap checkbox option that lets you disable this feature.
  • Added 2-bit IBM CGA palette 0 (brown/yellow).
  • Welcome.html has been reworked and uses tooltips on links.
  • Improved CSS font-stack for system fonts that should look better on all operating systems.
  • Context menu now uses radio buttons instead of tick glyphs.
  • Console output is now grouped and collapsed by default to reduce message spam.
  • Improved rendering of PCBoard art with alternative fonts.
  • Regenerated internal fonts to the woff2 format to reduce the download and install size of the WebExtension.
  • Fixed context menu issues.
  • Fixed unsupported ECMA-48 controls reported as unknown.
  • Fixed blinking cursor not positioning correctly on small ANSI documents.
  • Fixed text render methods not applied to ANSI documents.
  • Fixed white background themes that were not showing ECMA-48 bold text due to foreground and backgrounds colours being the same.


September 2017

  • Added Linux and IBM PS/2 context menu themes.
  • Added Browser monospace font (called fixed-width in Chrome).
  • ASCII documents now obey SAUCE fontName value.
  • Redesigned some of the context menus.
  • Added a ▲ hide ▼ show toggle for the header.
  • Added 1x and 2x font size adjust toggle in the header.
  • Welcome page displays a RetroTxt updated banner that can also be turned off.
  • Requires Firefox 55.
  • Links in the header are not selectable to stop accidental selection when clicked.
  • Replaced columns/lines statistics in the header with total pixel width/length.
  • Fixed Blink engine handling of ANSI when it mistakenly sees it as ISO-8859-5 instead of Windows-1252.
  • Fixed broken preview images in welcome.html.
  • Fixed SAUCE font issue where it requests Amiga Plus fonts but uses standard.
  • Fixed Some wider fonts break the ASCII text document layout.
  • Fixed SAUCE font P0T-NOoDLE value not registering.
  • ANSI maximum columns are now uncapped when SAUCE TInfo1 data is corrupted by the browser.
  • Internal optimisations.
    • Replaced XMLHttpRequest() with FetchAPI.
    • Dropped the generation of elements using dom.innerHTML = text (except in parse_ansi.js).
    • Removed all remaining var usage.
    • Replaced many let variables with const objects.
    • Renamed some variables, so they are clearer in their purpose.
    • Removed some unused functions and objects.


August 2017

  • Added 24-bit RGB colour support for ANSI/ECMA-48 text. That gives a choice of over 16 million colours to play with.
  • New fonts, a complete set of Amiga and ATASCII (Atari 8-bit).
  • Complete SAUCE FontName support.
  • Added 2-bit IBM CGA magenta palette.
  • Added Option checkbox, 'ANSI iCE colors'.
  • Fixed some CP437 characters not displaying as intended.
  • Fixed issue where 'DOS control glyphs' changes required two tab refreshes to apply.
  • Any discovered SAUCE configurations are sent to the browser console.
  • Browser tab titles running RetroTxt are marked with [··].


June 2017

  • There are new clickable toggles in the information header for ANSI art.

    • ANSI header
    • Normal switches the active tab text rendering between Normal, Smeared and Shadowed.
    • IBM switches the ANSI 16 color palette between IBM VGA, Unix xterm and gray scale.
    • On toggles between iCE background colors and blinking text.
  • Added a new Option, Text render, choices are Normal, Smeared, Shadowed.

  • Increased minimum version requirements for both Chrome and Firefox to 51.

  • Added support for CP-1250 and CP-1251 text encodings that are occasionally used by Chrome over the expected CP-1252.

  • Fixed header not displaying when using white background themes.

  • To improve performance <links> to CSS files are disabled instead of removed when toggling between plain text and HTML displays.

  • The shortcut key combination has been switched from ALT+T to ALT+R to stop Firefox conflicts.

  • Fixed ECMA48 SGR2 and SGR3 controls using the wrong CSS properties.


March 2017

  • Performance optimisations to reduce the memory footprint and improve rendering speed.

  • ECMA48/ANSI iCE colors support.

  • Automatic parsing and execution of SAUCE ANSiFlags.

  • Added Atari ST TOS font and theme.

  • Text and font information header now conveys more information and uses CSS position: sticky;.

  • JavaScript refactor to be ESlint compliant.

  • Uses more ES6 features such as arrow functions and for-of loops.

  • Improved error handling and user feedback when the addon or WebExtension API fails.

  • Improved embedded SAUCE detection.

  • Fixed ECMA48/ANSI bug that dropped the first row of text.

  • Fixed mixed ANSI/ASCII documents issue that didn't parse the ECMA48 control characters.

  • Fixed < > and & characters breaking ANSI display thanks to browser HTML entity conversions.

  • Fixed @CLS@ bug in PCBoard detection.

  • Fixed HVP and CUP execution.


November 2016

  • Detects and converts many ANSI Control Sequence Introduces used by MS-DOS ANSI.SYS to display ANSI art.
  • Detects and converts legacy BBS colour codes for PCBoard and Wildcat!.
  • Apply RetroTxt to any text files hosted on these websites will only run on a user supplied whitelist of website domains. This will stop it from conflicting with secure login sessions used by some websites.
  • Options have been reworked with a refresh to its look including the use of the Google Material Icons.
  • Introduced a new, charcoal coloured icon that should clash less with most browser themes.
  • Context menu now allows you to control the page transcoding, currently CP-487, CP-865, ISO-8959-15, CP-1252 character sets are supported.
  • The about encoding content menu has been removed and replaced by the Transcode None option, that works with UTF-8, UTF-16 and ISO-8959-1 text.
  • Automatic detect & run RetroTxt on text files feature has been renamed to Apply RetroTxt to any text files hosted on these websites.
  • Options, font samples now reset when the user's mouse leaves the font selection form.
  • Display formatting control codes as DOS CP-437 glyphs has been renamed to DOS control glyphs.
  • When checked DOS control glyphs will show a few ASCII control characters in the sample text.
  • Refactored much of the JavaScript source to use ECMAScript 6 specific features.
  • Improved handling of file:/// domains.
  • Uses asynchronous functionality as browser support of synchronous requests may end.
  • Context menus now use checkmarks for active options.
  • Context menus code in eventpages.js has been redesigned so it is now easier to add new themes and Display options.
  • The toolbar button should now be more intuitive by more accurately changing its enabled state and refreshing its tip where appropriate.

Firefox specific fixes

  • Requires Firefox 50+.
  • Options dialogue is better themed to Firefox's style guides. (Unfortunately Firefox on Linux still has some strange input style quirks)
  • Fixed Options not supporting UK locales.
  • Fixed first time run bugs that required RetroTxt to reload for it to work correctly.
  • Fixed RetroTxt trying to run on about: URIs.
  • RetroTxt should be slightly less resource intensive as previously there were some event filters that Firefox was ignoring.


2 July 2016

  • Automatic detect & run RetroTxt on text files feature is now more reliable and intuitive. Its (experimental) tag has been dropped and can now be considered stable.
  • Automatic detect & run RetroTxt... also has a hardcoded blacklist of domains to ignore which previously this feature conflicted with.
  • Added QUnit testing. A Tests link to the results page will show up with Chrome in Options when using a development install.
  • Fixed vertical lines artefacts issue with block fonts with most colour combinations.
  • Firefox specific bugs fixed including incorrect normal line height and weird toolbar button behaviour.
  • Refactored a number of function names to be more descriptive of their purpose.
  • Started the transition of replacing var with let and const.
  • Some functions now return more meaningful errors when missing required parameters.


22 June 2016

  • Now works in Firefox but requires at least Firefox (Gecko) 48.
  • Tested in Opera (Blink) and works great.

Differences between using Firefox and Chrome

  • Chrome uses event pages while Firefox uses the less desirable persistent background pages. Event pages only load when needed so in theory they should be less resource intensive.
  • Firefox and the Gecko engine renders multiple block characters better than the Blink engine used in Chrome. The Blink engine adds light but distracting vertical lines.
  • Firefox's Options UI does not support the unified chrome_style.
  • The toolbar button in Firefox does not support right-click context menus.
  • Context menus in Firefox are not filtered by URL types as it doesn't support the documentUrlPatterns property.
  • When loading RetroTxt both Chrome and Firefox will throw warnings about unrecognised items in the manifest.


21 June 2016

  • Added ability to increase the whitespace between rows of text (line space).
  • Rearranged the Options menu to be more compact.
  • Changed the sample text found in the Options menu.
  • Removed the Options, font selection mouseout event to make the font samples more stable.
  • Added IBM BIOS font (only 2y and 2x were previously included).
  • Created this file.