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RetroTxt > tools > kit

Kit is a Node.js multi-function terminal program that simplifies the running and building of the RetroTxt source code on multiple operating systems.

Kit has three purposes. To launch a browser running RetroTxt from this source code, to lint the source code for submission to the Mozilla Add-Ons and to package the source code into a zip archive, for Add-Ons and Chrome Store submission.


The program is for GNU/Linux, macOS or Windows. It requires an installation of Node.js and its npm package manager to install 3rd party dependencies.

It also requires the source code to RetroTxt and expects to be located in the sub-directory tools. Kit uses colour output and extended Unicode glyphs. Windows Command Prompt users may wish to use the DejaVu Sans Mono to allow the display of these glyphs.


npm install

Will install all the required dependencies required by kit.js and store them locally in node_modules. It is a one time command.

node kit

Will list all the available kit commands.


Kit will use default locations for browser directories, but the kit.json configuration file can override these. You can see the configurations with the node kit cfg command.

Chrome does not permit the loading of web-extensions from the terminal so instead you have to create plus save a new user profile with Developer Mode enabled and RetroTxt Loaded Unpacked through the Chrome Extensions tab.

Chrome saves its first profile to the directory Default and any additional profiles as Profile 1, Profile 2 etc.