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NuiMotion is Node.js addon to help create "Natural User Interfaces" enabled by motion/depth cameras like the Kinect, Asus Xtion, or Primesense Carmine.

NuiMotion uses OpenNI and NiTE to provide full skeletal tracking and a limited number of gestures (for now) including swipes and waves.

A Javascript SDK is provided to enable a developer to use the library easily and to hide the implementation details of the C++ to Node bridge.

Before checking out this project, you'll need a depth camera. Check out the following list of supported hardware and software setups. Not all have been tested, but in theory should work:

Hardware Support

It might also be wise to get your camera up and running with the installed examples provided by OpenNI/NiTE, however you can jump right in to using NuiMotion.

Basic Usage

For those that would like more thorough explanations on how things work in NuiMotion, checkout the Gestures Documentation and the Skeleton Documentation

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