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A manually curated URL shortener. For gifs.
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This is almost the simplest URL shortener imaginable, and it's manually curated, and written in CoffeeScript just for fun! Have a look at the complete list of gifs you can use. To add new gifs to the list: fork, edit, pull request.

Why would you do such a pointless thing with such an awesome domain?

I bought the domain on a whim, and thought "What could I do with this?", and here is the result. Besides, this is way better than some SEO parking BS like What You Need, When You Need It™.

But I want a normal URL shortner!

There are hundreds of those here on github, and if you just want to use one, try or

Why did you write it in CoffeeScript? and why Node.js?

Node.js is fricken awesome, and if you don't think so, well that's just too bad. Ditto for CoffeeScript.

Why isn't there a DB or anything?

Maybe on day there will be, but for now I think this is good enough. Until the list gets too huge.

You made a mistake in your code!

Really? That's awesome! I love mistakes, because then I get to learn from them! Either open an issue, or fix it yourself and pull request.

What's that Procfile for? is hosted on Heroku's Cedar stack. Check it out:



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