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Feedback service.


A single piece of feedback is known as an ack.

Kudu supports flexible feedback strategies (kind), e.g.

  • classic kudos ("+1")
  • votes: upvote, downvote, and neutral ("+1", "-1", and "0"),
  • ratings: e.g. 1 through 5 stars ("+1", "+2", "+3", "+4", "+5")
  • arbitrary scores, e.g. -17, +32, +100

An Ack is provided by an identity for some object, as identified by a uid. It also must specify a kind, which is essentially a feedback strategy defined in the application, and a value.

For example: => 7, :external_uid => 'post:a.b.c$34', :kind => 'rating', :value => 4)


Get acks for the current identity. :uids can be a comma delimited list of uids, or a single uid.

GET /acks/:uids

Post feedback for an item:

POST /acks/:uid

:kind is required, and must be a valid label. :value is required and must be an integer. :identity is required and is retrieved from checkpoint using the session key. :external_uid is also required.


The aggregate scores for each :uid are available through the /scores endpoints.

  • total_count - how many identities have provided feedback
  • positive_count - number of ack values that are greater than zero
  • negative_count - number of ack values that are less than zero
  • neutral_count - number of ack values that are exactly zero
  • positive - the sum of positive scores
  • negative - sum of negative scores
  • average - average score (total score / total count)
  • controversiality - a calculation of how much people disagree
  • histogram - a list of counts per ack value


All scores for an object, grouped by :kind

GET /scores/:uid

All scores of a given kind:

GET /scores/:uid/:kind

Fetch ranked lists. These need to be ranked by an attribute on score. uid includes a wildcard path.

GET /scores/:uid/:kind/rank/:by

Fetch mixes of ranked, randomized scores, segmented by different groups. Go look at the code. Seriously.

GET /scores/:uid/sample


TODO: implement endpoints at /stats/:path/:more_stuff.

These aggregate data about :scores and :kind (can't aggregate scores of different kinds. Apples and Oranges).

This will deliver stats for paths (i.e. an app, or a region). Currently this is sort of implemented with some hacks, for dittforslag (how many contributors, top contributors, ranked lists of various things -- most controversial, most popular, etc.

This requires support for wildcard paths, which is on the block for the next few days.

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