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Norx - Norway in a Box

norx A Virtual Machine with everything you need to work with the CCBY licensed datasets from the Norwegian Mapping Authority – Statens Kartverk. The vagrant script sets up a VM for you, seeds it with fresh data from the authorities, imports it into a database and sets up services for tile rendering.

If you would rather just grab a prepopulated VM you should find a download link on our project page


Base setup

  • A vanilla Ubuntu Precise 64 base image from
  • Puppet integration for managing users and passwords


  • The geometry in the N50 dataset
  • Sentralt Stedsnavns Register (SSR) – Placenames and geoposition
  • Administrative borders for counties, municipalities, etc.
  • 10m x 10m elevation data (GeoTIFF) converted to UTM33 for whole Norway
  • Terrain layers designed by Bengler
  • An example index for hooking up Elastic Search


  • PostgreSQL
  • Postgis
  • OGR / GDAL
  • Mapnik
  • Tilestache
  • Elastic Search
  • A simple Leaflet/node-app for checking out the data



If you don't want to install NORX to the default Virtual Box's image folder, make sure you set another default location for the VMs in VirtualBox's preferences. Having your box on a USB3 SD disk is neat!

  • Install vagrant, puppet and puppet-lint (puppet style checker) Ruby gems: sudo gem install vagrant puppet puppet-lint vagrant-vbguest --no-ri --no-rdoc

Install the VM

git clone

cd norx

vagrant up

When it's done, you're ready to talk Norx.

Browse a map!

Log into and use the VM

ssh norx@localhost -p 2222 (password is 'bengler')

Management via Vagrant

Starting up

vagrant up

Rebooting the VM with a new Vagrant configuration

vagrant reload


vagrant suspend

Shutting it down

vagrant halt

Config paths

The VM itself (host/guest config)

See Vagrantfile


Stop and start with sudo /etc/init.d/tilestache restart

Have a look at /home/norx/services/tilestache/tilestache.cfg for configuration of the worker.

Mapnik files to Tilestache

Check out our repo for designing layers with TileMill:

Mapnik XML files are put under: /home/norx/services/tilestache/*.xml

The Leaflet map serving application (Node JS):


Building and seeding the VM from scratch

When built from scratch, Norx will expand itself to include :

  • norx_data for seeding data from Statens Kartverk into the VM
  • norx_services - TileStache, Elastic Search and node setup
  • norx_leaflet - a simple node application for browsing the built data

The disk image will grow pretty huge especially during seeding the terrain data from Statens Kartverk, so have at least 80 GB of free disk space!

The complete build and seed will take a couple of hours++, all depending on your internet connection and hardware.

You may see what's going on in Vagrantfile and - and the above mentioned reposetories.

More info

Please refer to the project page or the wiki

You may also use our issue tracker and contribute to this code.


A virtual machine running everything you need to start playing with Statens Kartverk's open data.







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