Manages image, audio, video, and document uploads and processing.
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A service for managing user-originated uploads and asset-processing.

Uses S3 for storage, Tootsie for transcoding and ImageMagick for file identification.

Getting Started

git clone tiramisu

Make sure you have ImageMagick installed via your favorite package manager. Confirm that you are able to run identify on the command line.


Your configuration goes in config/services.yml.

cp config/services-example.yml config/services.yml

You have one configuration for each environment.

Tiramisu uses the environment variable RACK_ENV to determine current environment.

    access_key_id: <aws access key>
    secret_access_key: <aws secret>
    bucket: <your bucket name>



Upload an image by posting multipart form-data with the asset in the field "file". E.g

curl -F "file=@mypicture.jpg" ""

The :uid is in the form of a partial pebbles-uid without the object id. In other words, something like this:


myclient.myapp.kittens is used to scope the image by client, service, user or other criteria. It is a '.'-separated string of labels.

If the operation succeeds a complete uid is returned with a generated object id, like this:


If the image format is not supported, the action fails with 400 and the content {"error":"format-not-supported"}, if processing times out it fails with the content {"error":"timeout"}.

This action will write progress updates to a streamed HTTP response while submitting to tootsie/uploading image to S3. Clients may listen for changes to the response in order to provide progress feedback to the user.

If you require processing notifications from tootsie, specify the query-parameter notification_url. The format of these messages is documented in Tootsie's README

curl -F "file=@mypicture.jpg" ""

Typical response:

// ...
{"percent":100,"status":"completed","image": { // NOTE: formatted on mulitple lines for readability. In reality, this is a one-liner
        // ... other sizes

If the transaction fails, progress reports {"progress": 100, "status":"failed", "message": "<error message>"} and closes the connection.

NOTE: the sizes hash for an image after a successfull post request does not indicate whether the image is ready to be displayed or not (that is, processed by tootsie and available at the S3 URL).

The client can verify that the image is present by trying to fetch the url, and checking if that request fails or not.

This is best implemented in javascript using an image object of which we listen for load or error events. Example implementation with jQuery:

var poll = function (url) {
  var retries = 0;
  var loader = new Image();
  var attempt = function() {
    jQuery(loader).one('load', function () {
      // image is ready
    jQuery(loader).one('error', function () {
      // image is not ready continue polling
      setTimeout(attempt, 1000);
    loader.src = url + "?retry=" + retries++; // Need a different url every time, cause Opera will cache it even if it fails

Known issues/TODO

  • Tiramisu provides a TiramisuUploader jQuery plugin available at /api/tiramisu/v1/assets/tiramisu.js. This is not yet documented and probably deserves its own wiki page.


When configuring this service for production mind the following points:

  • The service writes to a streamed response in order to provide progress reports to the client and it uses the header X-Accel-Buffering to disable buffering of output with nginx.

  • Given that this is an upload service the client_max_body_size of nginx or corresponding parameter of your other servers and proxies must be set accordingly.

  • Timeout is a matter of concern. The upload action of this service will not let the user go until the image is safely uploaded to S3 and at least a thumbnail is ready for display. Thus unicorn and possibly other services in the http-chain must be configured to allow considerable connection time. Minutes!

  • Tiramisu employs Tootsie to transcode the images. An instance of the tootsie pebble must be up and running.