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Open source Python script to manage video podcasts with no user interaction. Designed for media servers and the like.
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Rssgrab is a simple python scrip to download (and delete) video podcasts with no user interaction (i.e. from a crontab) aimed home media servers but you could use it for anything. It's open source under GPLv3 or later. It's written on Linux but should work on windows and mac but I've not tested it.

It's got a config file (config.ini) that should be in the same directory and the rss list (name and location from the config file). The rss list is simple format:

Friendly Name, RSS URL, Number of episodes to keep

each feed on a new line, comma delimited, try to keep the spaces down.

It works for me, if you have any problems with it drop me a line please put "rssgrab" in the subject.

I hope this is helpful for someone else.

Ben Gosney

(now for all the socal media stuff)

@00dog on twitter

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