An easy way to get Twitter authenticating with OAuth on iPhone
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Twitter+OAuth Source and Example for iPhone
Glommed together by Ben Gottlieb
copyright 2009-2015 Stand Alone, Inc - all rights reserved.
License: BSD, If you use it, please include the following text somewhere in your application's user-facing text:
"Includes Twitter+OAuth code by Ben Gottlieb"

The goal of this was to create a drop-in code package for iPhone apps that want to access Twitter via OAuth. The main benefit here is that the source line on the Twitter page will say your app name, rather than "from web". 

This includes source taken from several other open frameworks, listed below. Most of the heavy lifting was all done by them, I just synthesized it into a (hopefully) easily digestible chunk.

I decided not to do the whole thing as a static library since most developers are already using Matt Gemmell's MGTwitterEngine, and there was no reason to duplicate code. It adds about 200k to the final size of your project, mainly due to the OAuth library.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you have any feedback!

Ben Gottlieb

== Major Changes Log ==
2/14/15					- updated for 64 bit ARM and iOS 8
2/24/10					- added additional PIN checks in case Twitter changes the way they pass the PIN back
					- if all else fails, prompt the user to copy their PIN. The app will grab this and use it
					- this last part only works on OS 3.x and later, Everything else should work fine on 2.x.
					- integrated the latest build of MGTwitterEngine

Use the project in the Demo folder. You'll need to replace the strings in Demo/Src/OAuthTwitterDemoViewController.m with your own consumer key and consumer secret (visit to obtain these).

Built using:
MGTwitterEngine by Matt Gemmell
I have included 1.0.8 release of the MGTwitterEngine unchanged in this project.  
The goal is to create an easily buildable project that has no dependancies.

OAuthConsumer Framework
Jon Crosby
I have included a pre-built binary of the OAuthConsumer Framework unchanged in this project.  
The goal is to create an easily buildable project that has no dependancies.

Chris Kimpton
License:  Couldn't find one.  Will amend this if I do.
Some code from this project was used to create the YHOATwitterEngine subclass of MGTwitterEngine.
Thanks Chris, you made this project a simple!

OAuth Test Application
Isaiah Carew
License: None found.
Isaiah's test app worked great on the Mac, but didn't make use of the PIN number passed back by Twitter, and also needed to be re-worked to work on the phone.