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Validity style validator to ensure a property is a date within a given range
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Validity style validator to ensure a property is a date within a given range.


npm install validity-date-in-range


Below is a simple example for usage with schemata:

var validity = require('validity')
  , schemata = require('schemata')
  , createRangeValidator = require('validity-date-in-range')

var ninetiesHitsSchema = schemata(
    { releaseDate:
      { type: Date
      , validators:
        { all:
          [ createDateValidator(new Date(1990, 0, 0), new Date(1999, 11, 31))

ninetiesHitsSchema.validate({ releaseDate: new Date(1965, 2, 12) }, function (error, errorMessage) {
  console.log(errorMessage) //-> 'releaseDate must be after 01 Jan 1990'

ninetiesHitsSchema.validate({ releaseDate: new Date(2005, 3, 20) }, function (error, errorMessage) {
  console.log(errorMessage) //-> 'releaseDate must be before 31 Dec 1999'

ninetiesHitsSchema.validate({ releaseDate: new Date(1995, 10, 13) }, function (error, errorMessage) {
  console.log(errorMessage) //-> undefined

You can also pass in a function that returns a Date which will get called at validation time. This is useful in case the validity of a given date changes over time, e.g. a person with the date of birth 25 Jan 1996 cannot legally buy alcohol in the UK at the time of writing (30 Oct 2013 – age 17), however next year (25 Jan 2014 onwards – after they turn 18) they can.

var schema = schemata(
    { publishedDate:
      { type: Date
      , validators:
        { all:
          [ createDateValidator(null, function () {
              return new Date(/* Get today - 18 years */)


var validate = createRangeValidator(Date/Function:earliest, Date/Funtion:latest)

Pass in the earliest and latest dates allowed. These are inclusive – i.e. if a date is equal to the earliest or latest, it is considered valid. Both earliest and latest are optional, but at least one value is required, othewise your validation will consider all dates as valid!

validate(String:key, String:keyDisplayName, Object:object, Function:cb)

This is a validity compatible function, which in turn is used by schemata for schema validation.

The callback signature cb(err, errorMessage).

  • err is an Error object if something bad happened and null otherwise.
  • errorMessage is a String if a validation error happened and undefined otherwise.


Licensed under the New BSD License

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