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+## Facebook Demetricator
+[Facebook Demetricator]( is a web browser extension that removes all the metrics from the Facebook interface. Under its influence, Facebook no longer foregroudns how many friends you have or how much people like your status. Instead, these numbers are stripped away, inviting you to try the system without these things, to enable a network society that isn't so dependent on quantification.
+Facebook Demetricator runs on Chrome (as an extension distributed via the [Chrome Web Store](, Safari (as a self-distributed extension), and Firefox (as a self-distributed userscript for use with Greasemonkey).
+This project was the winner of a [Terminal Award](, an annual net art award from the Center for Creative Excellence in the Arts.
+### Installation
+If you're just looking to install Facebook Demetricator, please visit the [installation page](
+### Files
+* facebookdemetricator.user.js : the primary code
+* extensions/chrome/* : source for the chrome extension
+* extensions/safari/* : source for the safari extension
+### Dependencies
+* works as an extension with Chrome, Safari
+* works with Firefox as a userscript, but requires Greasemonkey
+* uses a pasted-in copy of jQuery 1.7.2
+* uses the jQuery SimpleModal 1.4.2 plugin
+* uses the jQuery Color plugin
+### Contributions
+As Facebook changes its code constantly, I'm interested in pull requests that help me keep up with those changes, and/or performance enhancements. Feel free to send me an email if you want to talk about it.
+### Project Homepage
+* [Facebook Demetricator](

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