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Go Rando

Go Rando is a web browser extension that obfuscates your feelings on Facebook.


Facebook’s “reactions” let you quickly express how you feel about a link, photo, or status. While such data might be helpful for your friends, these recorded feelings also enable increased surveillance, government profiling, more targeted advertising, and emotional manipulation. Go Rando is a web browser extension that obfuscates how you feel. Every time you click “Like”, Go Rando randomly chooses one of the six Facebook “reactions” for you. Over time you'll appear to Facebook’s algorithms as someone whose feelings are perfectly balanced—as someone who feels Angry as much as Haha or Sad as much as Love. You can still choose a specific reaction if you want to, but even that choice will be obscured by an emotion profile increasingly filled with noise. In other words, Facebook won’t know if your reaction was genuine or not. Want to see what Facebook feels like when your emotions are obscured? Then Go Rando!

Supported Browsers

Go Rando is released as a Chrome extension and as a userscript for use with Tampermonkey in Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera.


  • go-rando.chromeextension/* source for the Chrome extension
  • go-rando.userscript/* source for the raw userscript

Project Website

Go Rando

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