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Textbook is a web browser extension that removes images from the Facebook interface. Whether it's a linked article preview photo, a friend's profile selfie, or a "love" reaction icon, every image is hidden from view. Left behind are the blank boxes and white space where they used to be. Are certain kinds of images leading us to click on content we might have otherwise scrolled past? Does the layout and/or content of images on Facebook influence the way we read the site? Finally, what role might images play in the proliferation of fake news and clickbait? Textbook enables Facebook users to test questions like these for themselves, to see the site without the images and thus experience its content in a new way.


By default, images on a user's Photos index, images in the slideshow viewer, and images in Chat/Messenger are not hidden. Further, user photos and videos, when clicked on, are revealed.

Supported Browsers

Textbook is released as a Chrome extension and as a userscript for use with Greasemonkey in Firefox. Other browsers are likely supportable using Greasmonkey or an equivalent, but have not been tested.


Both browser implementations include an option to toggle the image hiding. In Chrome, click on the extension's icon adjacent to the location bar to manipulate the toggle. In Firefox, click the Greasemonkey extension, select Userscript Commands->Toggle Textbook Image Hiding.


  • chrome/* source for the Chrome extension
  • firefox/* source for the Firefox userscript

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