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This is a quite a dumb program. It just runs in an infinite loop, receiving IR signals, decodes them, and writes the decode to either the serial console, or a UDP socket.

Presently, only NEC1 and RC5 signals are supported.

It uses a demodulating IR receiver (e.g. TSOP-*). If an LCD display is connected, the decodes are written to it. Also, LEDs can be connected, and when a signal is successfuly decoded, a LED, dependent on the decode type, is lit. (Using a "multicolored LED" for this is nice.)

This program is intended to work as a gateway; to send events to a home automation systems using a cheap IR remote, as an alternative to, for example, a smartphone app. A NEC1 remote is recommended.

For example, the simple Java program dispatcher can be used to receive and dispatch the events.

To configure, just edit config.h. See the build instructions in top level README.md.

Strictly speaking, this program is not "Girs". However, it uses the code of AGirs (and thus, indirectly, Infrared4Arduino).