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@bengtmartensson bengtmartensson released this Sep 25, 2020 · 25 commits to master since this release

This release uses NRJavaSerial instead of RXTX. Also, most serial hardware has been reworked. There is also a number of bugfixes and improvements.

The Windows, Mac, and AppImage versions come with their own Java.

Contained files:

The files checksums.md5, checksums.sha1, and checksums.sha512 files constain different checksums, that can be used for checking the integrity of a downloaded file, if desired.

  • The *.exe file is a Windows setup file, for 32- and 64-bit Windows, Win7 or later (although earlier versions may work). It contains its own Java, but can optionally be installed using an already installed Java version, version 8 or later. Download, double click, and follow the instructions. (It may be necessary to allow "rogue" downloads in the system control.)
  • The x86_64.AppImage is an AppImage that can be run on 64-bit Intel Linux-es. Just download, make executable, and double click. Contains its own Java.
  • *-macOS.dmg is a Mac OS X disk image. Download, amd mount by double clicking the IrScrutinizer app is found in the directory. This can be double clicked directly, and, optionally, copied to the Applications folder and/or the system tray. (May need to set "Allow apps downloaded from:" to "Anywhere" in the System preferences/Security & Privacy.) Comes with its own Java.
  • The * file is the generic binary distribution for use when the previous ones are not desired or possible. Does not come with included Java.
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