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I spent a little time and came up with this. It's likely missing some important functionality because I am not an expert on git (or more importantly, how bundler handles git). But it works great for me.. bundle install catches it and it loads in bundle exec without a problem for my current use case.

The one thing that comes to mind is that branch/tags may not work for this approach.. I'm not sure if that parsing takes place in the install phase (before the repository is added to the gems/bundler/git folder) or if I need to account for it.

In order to avoid a network error when offline, you have to use --local when running bundle package. I'm wondering if this needs to be revised so that it uses the local version if it is unable to retrieve from remote.

Just wanted to get the ball rolling a little bit, because this is a -huge- feature and I feel it will make a lot of peoples' jobs immensely easier! Thanks.

(also, way more tests needed).


benhamill commented Feb 28, 2011

Hey awesome. I haven't had a chance to look at this, but soon! Thanks.

Is there anyone on the Bundler side I should send this to? I need someone more familiar with bundler than I am to look at this and let me know if it's even a sane approach to this.


benhamill commented Apr 12, 2011

You could fish in #bundler on FreeNode.A couple of the bundler core dudes are generally hanging out in there.


benhamill commented Apr 5, 2012

This branch is SUPER out of date, so I'ma just close this.

benhamill closed this Apr 5, 2012

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