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André Arko (@indirect)
Bundler (docs)
bundle install => Errno::EACCES
don't sudo. instead:
bundle install --path vendor/bundle
Frozen mode: compares Gemfile with Gemfile.lock, throws exception if gem not found/installed
bundle install --frozen
bundle install --deployment
encapsulates: --path vendor/bundle, --frozen
Simplest case, passenger, in your deploy script:
<update code>
bundle install --deployment
<bounce app server>
Other cases: Unicorn, Thin, Mongrel...:
Add "gem 'unicorn'" to Gemfile
deploy script:
<update code>
run bundle install --deployment
bundle exec unicorn_rails (or mongrel_rails, etc)
In the case of a firewall (bofh):
bundle pack (from dev machine, copies all gems into vendor/cache)
bundler will compile gems from the packed versions on the server.
With Capistrano, you can instead say require 'bundler/capistrano' in recipe and you are done. No bundle install etc.
Variables available, see cap -e bundle:install
For 1.1: speed
"standalone mode": does not require bundler to be in system
if using git gem, gem 'rails', :git => 'git://'
will be instead gem 'rails', :github => 'rails/rails'
Can use 1.1 now: gem install bundler --pre
Use mysql2!