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Yehuda Katz
"If all I'm doing is sending JSON back and forth what's the point of Rails? Wouldn't something like Sinatra be better?" -- anonymous
Rails hides complexity very well.
Rails is a rich HTTP Abstraction
Fat Models, Skinny Controllers
Rails HTTP Abstraction
ActionDispatch is it's own module
getting all the things to work together is non-trivial
Sinatra is not the answer for these things
Standards-mode for Chrome / IE (X-UA-Compatible)
This is automatically included
Reloading (development mode)
Security (remote IP spoofing)
timing attacks - even with a network jitter you can determine through statistical analysis
Option Segment
ETags, Last-Modified; Make sure to use this
Rails is designed for negotiating the complexities of HTTP
Controller Layer is in the controller
Javascript Templating was terrible in 2005; It's better now
Controller's job is to get state ready for rendering
Rails has a good framework for generating APIs
Foreign keys are named {foo}_id --- ActiveRecord
JSON APIs are up to you, naming keys is up to you
JSON APIs error reporting format is up to you
Hard to write a single client - you need to define the JSON
Symptom of problem: ActiveResource requires too much configuration
Need something like an ORM for Javascript
API Rules
Rule #1: Keys at the root
{posts:[{title:"This is a post"}]}
Rule #2: No nested resources
Rule #3: Nested objects follow as JSON API Rule 1
Rich Client Applications need bulk ideas
Mark All Done - User clicks ==> 100 objects changed ==> click handlers done ==> persist to server
Follows the 3 API rules
Server Side should be conventional
By default Proxy to ActiveRecord
ApplicationResource can authenticate and authorize
Machine Protocols
Optimizing them for efficiencies; Optimized for consistency
Rails is great for JSON APIs