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Securing your rails app
Rails Guides - security
General Points
Trust nothing from the browser
Database contains anything the user has entered, so malicious information may be in there.
Stay up to date on security patches. Plugins, rails gem, etc. Don't bypass rail's built-in security measures.
Do a security audit by a company that does them professionally.
Be aware, think like a hacker.
Session Key
With patience, it can be brute forced to get the session digest.
Fix: Don't use a comparison function with the digest.
Injected an image that sources to another server.
Allowing users to enter in HTML can allow this to happen.
Fix: Don't use raw (Dangerous). For HTML, use a whitelist -
Whitelist: Rails helper - sanitize. Accepts an array of tags, a string to sanitize, etc.
Authentication != Authorization
Simple solution, is grab records that the current user is connected to. has_many relationship.
Cancan an authorization solution/gem.
Using rest helps against false requests
Rails 3+ checks for CSRF authenticity token. This is set when using the form_tag and form_for helpers
XSS Bypasses this.
Session spoofing
Firesheep firefox addon that could grab cookies off users on the local network.
Fix: SSL
Secure cookies
Strict-transport-security - Tells the server to only operate with a secure connection.