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module SimpleCov
# Representation of a source file including it's coverage data, source code,
# source lines and featuring helpers to interpret that data.
class SourceFile
# Representation of a single line in a source file including
# this specific line's source code, line_number and code coverage,
# with the coverage being either nil (coverage not applicable, e.g. comment
# line), 0 (line not covered) or >1 (the amount of times the line was
# executed)
class Line
# The source code for this line. Aliased as :source
attr_reader :src
# The line number in the source file. Aliased as :line, :number
attr_reader :line_number
# The coverage data for this line: either nil (never), 0 (missed) or >=1 (times covered)
attr_reader :coverage
# Lets grab some fancy aliases, shall we?
alias_method :source, :src
alias_method :line, :line_number
alias_method :number, :line_number
def initialize(src, line_number, coverage)
raise ArgumentError, "Only String accepted for source" unless src.kind_of?(String)
raise ArgumentError, "Only Fixnum accepted for line_number" unless line_number.kind_of?(Fixnum)
raise ArgumentError, "Only Fixnum and nil accepted for coverage" unless coverage.kind_of?(Fixnum) or coverage.nil?
@src, @line_number, @coverage = src, line_number, coverage
# Returns true if this is a line that should have been covered, but was not
def missed?
not never? and coverage == 0
# Returns true if this is a line that has been covered
def covered?
not never? and coverage > 0
# Returns true if this line is not relevant for coverage
def never?
# The full path to this source file (e.g. /User/colszowka/projects/simplecov/lib/simplecov/source_file.rb)
attr_reader :filename
# The array of coverage data received from the Coverage.result
attr_reader :coverage
# The source code for this file. Aliased as :source
attr_reader :src
alias_method :source, :src
def initialize(filename, coverage)
@filename, @coverage, @src = filename, coverage, File.readlines(filename)
# Returns all source lines for this file as instances of SimpleCov::SourceFile::Line,
# and thus including coverage data. Aliased as :source_lines
def lines
return @lines unless @lines.nil?
# Initialize lines
@lines = []
coverage.each_with_index do |coverage, i|
@lines <<[i], i+1, coverage)
alias_method :source_lines, :lines
# Access SimpleCov::SourceFile::Line source lines by line number
def line(number)
# The coverage for this file in percent. 0 if the file has no relevant lines
def covered_percent
return 100.0 if lines.length == 0 or lines.length == never_lines.count
(covered_lines.count) * 100 / (lines.count-never_lines.count).to_f
# Returns all covered lines as SimpleCov::SourceFile::Line
def covered_lines
@covered_lines ||= {|c| c.covered? }
# Returns all lines that should have been, but were not covered
# as instances of SimpleCov::SourceFile::Line
def missed_lines
@missed_lines ||= {|c| c.missed? }
# Returns all lines that are not relevant for coverage as
# SimpleCov::SourceFile::Line instances
def never_lines
@never_lines ||= {|c| c.never? }
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