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fs = require 'fs'
{exec} = require 'child_process'
ansi =
red : '\x1B[31m'
green : '\x1B[36m'
yellow : '\x1B[33m'
blue : '\x1B[34m'
dark_grey : '\x1B[1;30m'
light_grey : '\x1B[1;32m'
reset : '\x1B[0m'
log = (message, color) ->
console.log ansi[color] + message + ansi.reset
option '-m', '--message [COMMIT_MESSAGE]', 'set git commit message'
task 'build', 'build from src files', (options) ->
invoke 'build:coffee'
task 'build:coffee', 'build /lib from /src', (options) ->
exec 'coffee -c -o lib src', (err, stdout, stderr) ->
err && throw err
log 'Build Coffee OK!', 'green'
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