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Pitgama: פִּתְגָמָא • (piṯḡāmā) m (plural פִּתְגָמַיָּא‏): Data driven insights in Jewish text. Pitgama means in Aramaic a word or phrase, which is borrowed from the Persian patgam, which properly means "that which has come, that which has arrived". Pitgama is a brand new project and we are currently building out the frontend first. It will even…
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Pitgama: פִּתְגָמָא • (piṯḡāmā) m (plural פִּתְגָמַיָּא‏) meaning a word or phrase borrowed from the Persian patgam, which properly mean 'that which has come to, that which has arrived'. Pitgama will utilize the API to explore ideas and connections in Jewish wisdom literature.


Pitgama is about data driven insights in Jewish text. Utilizing the incredible developer resources over at Sefaria, we will create tools that will delve into Jewish text to uncover new thoughts, novel ideas and different approaches to looking at the classic material.

Pitgama runs on a React framework with a custom CSS flexbox styling.

How to Install

To install a local copy of Pitgama on your computer, fork the lab, clone it down and run npm start to boot up a copy on localhost:3000.

Contributing to Pitgama

We welcome contributions to the project! Two ways to contribute:

  1. Please review the Issues tab to see if there are any open issues you would like to work on.
  2. Consider adding a new feature to the application. Perhaps there is a layer of analysis you'd like to do on the text, so build out that feature.

Once you are ready to contribute, please submit a clearly documented pull request. We will review it, make sure it works as intended and, if it's a new feature, determine if it fits within the scope of the project. If all things are good we will merge the PR.

Meet the Pitgama Team

We are people who love text, coding and data. Two of us are rabbis (perhaps "Rabbis on Rails" or "Reactive Rabbis"?) and one of us lives in Israel:

Ben Greenberg

Malki Davis

Yechiel Kalmenson

Please feel free to get in touch with any or all of us, we'd love to chat about the beauty of data, ancient texts or anything else.


Made a contribution to the Pitgama project? Your name (if you choose) will appear here as a contributor. How to contribute? Read the Contributing to Pitgama section above.

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